Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rukun Islam Hadis 5 perkara.

Rukun Islam Hadis, 5 perkara.

1) Semua Muslim mesti ikut fahaman Sunni atau Shiah walau pon mereka sendiri telah di sesatkan oleh "lahwal hadis" (Q31:6).

 2) Semua Muslim mesti taklid babi buta kapada Bukhari Muslim, walaupon mereka hina Allah dan mentetawakan Islam bila berkata Allah bodoh dan FLIP FLOP rancang solat dari 50 hingga 5 solat sehari.

 3) Semua Muslim tak boleh guna akal mereka, kerana kalau Muslim semua pandai, Ulama tak boleh cari makan. Ulama pon tak pakai otak mereka kerana taklid buta pada Ulama Muktabar yang dah mati..Bila semua tak guna akal semua akan jadi lembu.

 4) Cuma Ulama Sunni atau Shiah boleh cakap pasal Islam. Ini kerana Ulama = Bramah dan bukan Ulama = Pariah.

5) Ulama boleh haram apa2 kafirkan dan murtadkan sesiapa tanpa bukti dari Quran.Ini kerana Ulama mau jadi tuhan.

 heh,heh,heh.Cubit mencubit bawa bahagia.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Proof of Imperialism / Colonization of the World by Bankers

"Let me print money and I dont care who rules the country".. Rothchild.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Songs of Love = Songs to God

If you are a God seeker and have gone trough a lot seeking Him, then songs of love will trigger you into Zikir Allah.

Quran 29:45 "Recite that which hath been inspired in thee of the Scripture, and establish worship. Lo! worship preserveth from lewdness and iniquity, but verily ZikirAllah (remembrance of Allah) is more important. And Allah knows what you do"


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Solat is detailed in the Quran No hadis required.


(1) The directive to establish prayer (Numerous references - 10:87; 11:114; 14:31; 14:37; 14:40; 17:78; 2:110; 2:277; 2:3; 2:43: 2:83; 20:14; 22:35; 22:41; 24:56; 27:3; 29:45; 30:31; 31:17; 31:4; 35:29; 4:77; 42:38; 5:12; 5:55; 58:13; 6:72; 7:170; 73:20; 8:3; 9:11; 9:5; 9:71; 98:5)
(2) The details of ablution (4:43; 5:6)
(3) A need for a direction - Qiblah, specific for the ‘believers’ (Mu'mins) (2.143-44)
(4) Garments (7:31). Please note that in the verse, 'masjid' is specifically mentioned. (For general clothing advice see: 7:26; 24:31; 33:59)
(5) Allusion of times: (4:103; 11:114; 17:78; 24:58; 30:18; 2:238: 20:58) See article: 
(6)  That prayers must be observed on time (4:103)
(7) Followers of the previous scripture to observe their Qiblah and the ‘Believers (Mu’mins) their own Qiblah (2:145). God is not direction dependant, His power, knowledge and authority extends everywhere. He cannot be restricted to any direction, East or West (2:142). This is also a confirmation that People of the Book will not follow the new Qiblah of the Believers, each directing prayer to their own respective Qiblahs.
(8) Prayer involves prostration (Sujood - 4:102; 48:29)
(9) There is more than one prayer (Prayer in plural used - Salawat) (2:238)
(10) There is a general form to prayer (2:238-39). Standing position (3:39; 4:102); Bowing down and prostrating (4:102; 22:26; 38:24; 48:29).
(11) Form is not required during times of emergencies, fear, and unusual circumstances (2:239).
(12) A mention of a call to prayer and congregation prayer (62:9)
(13) Prayer and Dhikr (Remembrance) are not necessarily the same thing (62:10) and DHIKR (constant remembrance) is better (29:45)
(14) A warning not to abandon prayer as was the case with those before (19:58-59)
(15) The purpose of prayer - To remember God alone (6:162; 20:14)
(16) Prayer involves utterance (4:43)
(17) The purpose to protect from sins (29:45)
(18) What to do in danger and the shortening of prayer (4:101)
(19) Even garments and mention of a 'Masjid', or a place of prayer (7:31)
(20) The tone of prayer (17:110)
(21) There is a leader of prayer (4:102)
(22) Only 2 rakaats for each prayer (4:102)  Note the Zuhur,Asar,3rd and 4th rakaat are non Quranic solat as it is in silent mode, which contradicts Q17:110.

"Say: "Shall I seek for judge other than God? - when He it is Who has revealed to you the Book, explained in detail (Arabic: Mufassalan)". They know full well, to whom We have given the Book, that it has been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of those who doubt"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why does Zuhur And Asar Contradicts Quran 17:110.?

Muslims must answer these questions before they die.!!!

1) Why is Zuhur and Asar solat silent.??? 

2) Why does Zuhur and Asar solat contradict Quran 17:110 "..... And thou (Muhammad), be not loud-voiced in thy worship nor yet silent therein, but follow a way between.".??? 

3) Does this mean that Zuhur and Asara is disqualified as a Quran solat.???

4) Is it not kufur to contradict Allah.???

5) Does this make us kafir to solat in a way contradicting allah.???

6) Does this not make the hadis Ulamas who taught us solats that contradict Allah, equal to Allah (shirik).???

7) Why are we not referring to the Quran for our true unadulterated solats.???

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Muslim Dilema pt1 : Leadership.

The Problem:

Too many leaders from too many mazhabs. All created by Hadis, Ulama's books and institutions (Universities and Ulamas)
The hadis devides Muslim, because each mazhab has his own hadis books and Imams/Leaders.

The Solution : Go back to "Quran only" Islam.

Quran proofs :
1) Quran 31:6"Some people use lahwal(fake) hadis to mislead others from Allah's path (Islam), without knowledge, and make a mockery of it(Allah's path/Islam)".
2) Quran 39:23" Allah hath revealed the "ahsanal hadis" a Scripture (Quran) consistent, paired, whereat doth creep the flesh of those who fear their Lord, so that their flesh and their hearts soften to Allah's reminder. Such is Allah's guidance, wherewith He guideth whom He will. And him whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide.
3) Quran 45:6 "These are Allah’s verses (Quran) that We recite to you rightly. Then, in which Hadis after Allah and His verses,(Quran) will they believe?"

The falsehood of Hadis:
!) The Israk Miraj hadis says Allah flip flop while planning the solat from 50 t0 5 times a day.We dont need this hadis taht makes allah look stupid, because Quran is precise in the no. of solats per day.
2) There are monkey hadis in the Bukhari Muslim hadis books where monkeys stone the adulter monkey. How did they understand monkey language./from Tarzan of the apes.?