Sunday, November 23, 2008

The concept of the Messiah

The Messiah is alway assiociated with Jesus Christ and the Christians.The Messiah is by defination "The ultimate leader ordained by God".This leader is supposed to solve all the problems of his people and of all people.This is a highly ambitious defination.From history we have learned that Messiah leaders have come and gone but the problems still stay.There is however no pemenent cure for all our problems.

Messiahs in the person of Mosses for the Jews,Jesus,for the Jews and non Jews.Muhammad for the Arabs and non Arabs,Bhuddha for the Indians and Chinese, all have come and gone but our problem have never ended.
Because we are hounded by problems,most of us still belief in a new Messiah.The Christians are waiting for Jesus second comming. The Muslims are waiting for their Mahadi. The Bhudist are waiting for their Avasta and so on.

While we are all waiting, there are people who have managed to change their little world.These are the new Messiahs for their people.Mahatma Ghandi was a Messiah for the Indians. Mao Tse Tung was a Messiah for the Chinese, Lenin was a Messiah for the Russians. Abraham Lincoln was a Messiah for the black slaves of America.Spartacus was a Messiah for the slaves of Rome. Robin Hood was a Messiah to the poor of Notingham Forest.The Doctors who save lives are Messiah for the sick.

All this Messiahs has one thing in common. They were abel to change their limited world in their time and a few centuries after but finally their world crumbbled. This being so the good people,still living in this world need to find another Messiah to create a better world,a more loving world.
Do not wait for Messiahs. try to be one. We never know we could be one of the Messiahs if we try hard enough.The world needs every little help to change for the better. To do good and fobid evil in the family and in politics goes a long way if we do it frequent enough.

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