Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Muslims ! Think !

Oh you Muslims all over the world,
You were once one nation and united.
Now you are many and disunited.
You were once mighty and conqured,
Now you are weak and is conqured.

You have vast wealth in your land
Yet you do not know how to get at it,
Letting Jews, Chistians get at it.
And are satisfied with handouts.
Are you inferior humans as compared to the Jews and Christians ?
Yeah, you are inferior to Japanese,Chinese and Indians,
In sciences and knowledge.
You have lagged behind most other deens.

That is because you betrayed Allah
And Allah then betrays you.
You have made the AlQuran a constitution unused.
Other books were constitutionalised instead.
You mock Allah with a hadith,
Saying Allah flip flopped,
Having planned 50 solats.

Bukhari,Muslim lied.
And you uphold their books.
Is not the Quran complete?
Is it weakened without the hadith.?
Does Allah need partners to explain His deen ?

You have kafirnomics instead of Islamnomics.
You adopted riba instead of rejecting it.
An Islamic Bank with riba money you beget.
Gold is replaced with paper.
Real money is an invention of God.
False money is an invention of satan disguised as man..
Real money is an economy of needs.
False money is an economy of greed.

Your source of jurispudence was one.
Now it is many and ammendments made easy.
That is easy when one book becomes two and more.
The word of man equals and supercedes the word of Allah.
Thus "the powers that be" makes and breaks Gods laws.
The powers that be then becomes God.
The government of God has been replaced by the government of man.
A goverment of falsehood where the rulers exploit the ruled.

Many things have become false.
"La iqra fi deen" has become the oposite.
Boiling water is poured over heads uncovered.
Where is the God of Love and Forgiveness ?
Where is BismillahiRahmaniRahim ?

Real art has become abstract art..
Real money has become paper.
Hedonism has replaced God.
Is love of God more than love of wealth ?
Or is it the other way ?
True lovers of God do not accumulate wealth.
True lovers of Democracy do not accumulate wealth.
Thats Capitalism and Hedonism.
Governments serve God by serving the people.
Knowledgeable people elects knowledgeble leaders.
What people elects robbers as leaders ?


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