Friday, March 27, 2009

Bury the cross.- New Christian theology.

The cross has been a simbol of Jesus ?Was it not the fish ? Does Jesus need a simbol ?

No ! Its a simbol of Christianity ! In all its irony crosses were used to even go to war, not withstanding the fact that Jesus was a non violence man.
The cross was a simbol of Jesus which is God and son of God and the holy spirit dieing on the cross for other peoples sin.

Why should Jesus die for other peoples sin ???
Didn't God say everyone bears his own burden ???
Can someone who is a murderer,ask a guy named Jesus to suffer for his sins by going to jail for him ???
Doesn't make sense,does it ???

This is where the weakness in Christianity lie.The Cross and Trinity is a simbol of a mortal and weak God. As such a new theology of Christianity that does not use crosses had been formulated.The cross was burried in Jeruselem and the simbol relaced by a crown represeting the second coming of Christ.

Well why not ? The old Jesus and Christian simbol is a sign of a weak God that died.It was also simbol of the Crusades murderous exploits.
This new simbol, is of a live Christ (a crown) and is definitely better than a dead God on a cross. And on top of that, the Leader gets to be King.

Where dogmas are concerned in religion, it cannot be proven nor disproved.This new dogma and theology seems more strong and more logical.Its an improved version of Christian Theology.I salute you Reverend Moon!

They say this world is a stage and we are all actors.It would be nice to be King, Messiah, Mahdi or Avatar too. You could if you belief in reincarnation or try it the Moon way. That is if "The Director" agrees to it.
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Whatif said...

Hi Pak,

Thank you for posting this article. It seems to be the latest twist in Christian theology but it does not seem to have caught on as most churches in Malaysia are not pushing for it.

Here, the Christians still believe in the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Of course, it is difficult to visualise this in the physical sense but spiritually, all things are possible. Chrstians believe God has sent His "Son" to die for our sins, if we believe in Him. We do not need to sacrifice animals yearly to cleanse our sins as in olden times. I believe the Muslims and Jews still carry out animal sacrifices to this day for some reason or other.

Of course, having Jesus to forgive our sins, does not mean we can escape worldly punishment. We still have to face physical sentence for our sins, but spiritually, we believe our sins are forgiven. And to help us from falling again, the Holy Spirit would help us if we call upon Him to dwell in us.

I have heard that the Holy Spirit(Roh Kudus) is also mentioned in the Quran and some Muslims believe in this.

Anyway, on the question of religion, it is very difficult to have exactly similar teachings and practices even in the same religion. In Islam, you have Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiyah, Sufi, etc, etc. In Christianity, we have Catholic, Baptist, Anglicans, Pentecostals and hundreds of other denominations.

In the final analysis, it is better to adopt the status of "unto you your religion and unto me, mine". Otherwise, there will be no end in deciding whose is the "true" religion and there would be persecutions and unnecessary strife. Whether there is only one God or there are 2, 3 or more Gods, has never been proven conclusively.

So, I agree with you in one of your other articles that if a religion preaches the values of good, it should be acceptable and should not be condemned outright. On the contrary, we should consistently show the goodness of our own religion for the others to see and hopefully to follow and adopt.

Thank you for giving me space to express my views. I apologise if any of my comments have offended you.


pak yeh said...

Hi Whatif,
Thanks for your comments.
While I belief in the existence of all religion, I still belief that my version of religion is the best.
Religion is revealed in percentages.As an example Hinduism is 50%,Bhuddism is 60%,Judaism is 70%,Christianity 80% and Islam 90%.However it does not mean the Hindu is less a Godly man than a Muslim because the Muslim might practice just 30% of his 90%,while the Hindu might practice 90% of his 50%.Also in every religion there is an element of spiritualism which brings you well above your religions standards that you belong to.
Most gnostics have their own version of religion.So you see in Mr Sun Myang Moon a spiritual improvement in the Christian theology.You can see too improvements in some Sufi Islamic theology,Hindu theology etc.

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pak yeh said...

Salam entah,
Saya sedeh benar TT di tutup.
Moga Astora dapat hidupkan TT.Mungkin Najip boleh berfikiran bebas,sebab di beritakan dia berguru dengan Guru Ji ? Apa kata entah ?