Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Morals of Economics

Every religion has undergone changes.Some for the better and some for the worst.This is because religion goes through its course like the sun.Sometimes religion seems dead,some times its alive when a messenger/massiah/the leader appears.

A simple case is money and economics.Money is a religious issue because there is morals in money and economics.Karl Marx created a religion and morals in economics when the "Men of God"(Rabis',Priests',Monks',Ulamas') were silent about it.Most of these "Men of God" even supported the wicked Kings who plundered the poor.
This article is about morality in economics which includes the fiscal policy of paper money, which Karl Marx was not able to fathom. Or did he purposely exclude it?

Paper money without a contract in a stated equivalent in real money(gold,silver,precious items) is but paper, whose real value is but paper thats worthless. Yet "Men of God"(Rabis',Monks'.Priests'.Ulams') everywhere said nothing when the Gold standard for paper money was removed by a Zionist President.
Not only was it wrong to create "money out of no money" by the Banks,paper money without the gold standard makes it easier to "create more money out of no money".
This creation of money out of no money is what God says is riba or usury which God made illigal.

"Men of God"(Rabis',Monks',Priests',Ulamas') understand riba/usury as the interest over the loaned sum. They do not realise that paper money and the banking system is churning out ten times more than the riba/usury understood by them.
We are faced with Bankers and Governments who conned us into accepting false money instead of real money.How in Gods name can paper as a material be real money when it is a worthless material??? Its different if it has a contract stating that it is exchangeable with gold or precious items. But it is not exchangeable in gold or other precious metals. As such it is based on government promise that a paper dollar is equivalent to one apple. Is that logic??? Can a piece of paper be equivalent to an apple??? The apple is has more value tahn the paper ofcourse!
The merchants too can say that a dollar is eguivalent to half and apple or quarter of and apple.And so there is an inflation,which also means the devaluation of money.The value of money keeps dropping but it never goes up.Why does it not stay constant ??? Have we the consumer/people not been cheated here???
This is due to manipulation.Paper money can be manipulated by the government and the merchants.If you are neither one of this, you cannot win but keep loosing your money value.Have we the rakyat/people not been cheated here???

The Government can also go on a spending spree like what Dr M had done before by building the Twin Towers,KLIA,Putra Jaya,Bakun Dam etc,etc.
Where did he get the money from???
Is it Sorros' money??? No! Sorros' withdrew his money many times more than what he invested in our economy.He too "made money out of no money" via shares "manipulation".

The truth is, the money Dr M used is " money made out of no money" and is also called riba/usury via Banks and paper money.
The money Dr M used is debt created by printing more money.The real value of our money is the taxes. But the money circulating to built the Twin towers,KLIA,Putra Jaya,Bakun Dam etc,etc is created out of debts loaned by Banks.This creation of money for debts without enough support by taxes and the gold, gave the government no alternative but to let the rakyat pay for their extravagance by allowing the currentcy to fall.It fall because the government had insufficient income,taxes,gold to pay for their debts.Printing more money and letting the value drop is a way of paying the govermnent debts. Its like a hidden tax taht you dont call it tax, but you call it inflation.
So they allow the rakyat to pay for the governments debts by devaluing the money.Not that they want to do it but paper money and the Banking system allows them to do it.
Hence the rakyat end up paying for Dr M's/Malysian governments extravaganza.

Due to this ease in overspending due to no gold standard and debt ratio of Banks even America has the same problem.
America under Bush overspend the same way that Dr M overspent and got into the same trouble. What did Obama do?
He create more money to cover Bush's overspending.How can you have money to pay for Bushs' overspending???
Easy ! More hidden taxes or inflation by devaluing the money!!!
The paper money without gold standart and debt ratio of Banks allow him to do so.
Who actually pay for it???
Its the people who pay for it, via a depreciacion of their paper money or otherwise known as inflation or otherwise known as hidden taxes!!!
And because other moneys are tied to the American dollar due to trade their value too depreciates!!!

That is the "Truth" and Evil of paper money.
Now can the "man of God" come out with a fatwa saying that paper money is illigal and a fraud and start using real money.
"Man of God" (Rabis',Monks',Priests',Ulamas' etc,etc) should speak the truth and not support the governments that cheat the people by using "fraud made simple" paper money ???
This is a message from the "Truth".


Anonymous said...

This is what exactly islam has prohibited.this is what exactly the prophet Muhammad s.a.w has said will happen is the end of time.islam has made it forbidden to use paper money because it has no value and will cause one's wealth to diminish and be robbed in plain daylight.yet we still say the secular and the capitalist system introduce by the zionist is the best.are we all still blind?

pak yeh said...

Yes Mr Anonymous,
The Quran says most people are blind.Even if they are not blind,they are blinded by their Masters(the government). We have all become slaves of the Zionist deen of Banking system and paper money.Ulamas have made halal what is haram ie the Banking system and paper money.They and the politicians are the first to enter Hell.
I am glad you can see it now.

Spiritualism /Sufism is about intuition/knowledge from God about the Truth to differenciate the good from the bad from among the mix up of good and bad.
Islamnomics (economics without riba and greed is the way foward for Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Salam mr pakyeh
indeed u are right about spiritualism/ is a science of guidance that will enable mankind to see things with both eyes not just one eye(i.e the material world).I am blessed by the mercy of Allah most high,to be given the knowledge of this false governance and the whole bogus monetary system by a person named Dr Imran Hossien.Perhaps u are more acquainted with him or are more well versed with his books or lectures.I'm mentioning this so that we all can share and spread knowledge and be given protection by Allah most high against the final and the most dreadful fitnah that is already comming i.e the fitnah of dajjal,where one of his tool to enslave mankind is by this false monetary and governance system.

pak yeh said...

Salam Mr Anonymous,
Yes we agree with the ilham and hakikah that Sufis have but most Sufis are still otherworldly.Not enough of "yin and yang". We need a sufi organisation that can teach both otherword and this world.Beside the use of the hadis has created disunity among sufis and other organisation.
I am sorry I do not know Dr Imran Hossein. Is hean Iranian ?
Knowledge of the evils of paper money is published in the poems/prose of Ezra Pound about a century before us.There are many more who know about this asspecially Americans

wapunnyasuka said...

dengar kan lagu pek yeh yeh

Rezuan Asrah said...

Pak Yeh dashat ah, faham pasal "frictional reserve" system yang diamalkan oleh Federal Reserve.

Dah tengok dokumentari "Zeitgeist - Addendum" ? yeh?

pak yeh said...

Salam Redzuan Asrah,
Saya pun rujuk dari Zietgeist.
Lihat rencana "Proof of Kafirnomics" di posting lama.

Rezuan Asrah said...

pak yeh, saya dah buat research sikit2 pasal sistem ni. Memang confirm bank-bank lain dari negara luar pun mengamalkan benda yang sama.

Fuck gila kan?

pak yeh said...

Ya Ridzuan,
Kita kena fuck/tertipu oleh kerajaan kita yang jadi proxy British dan Bankers Yahudi.Tapi apa yang Ulama kata?. Mufti buat tak tahu. Ada yang halalkan yang haram lagi.Agama Islam telah di jual beli. Ulama adalah hamba pada kerajaan apabila mereka makan gaji dengan kerajaan.Institusi Ulama telah di kuda oleh institusi University dan University di kuda oleh kerajaan.
Islam yang ada ada lah Islam palsu sama macam duit kertas palsu juga.
Syaitan memalsukan semua agama dengan agama duit dan culture/deen palsu.
Maka manusia di matikan mata, hati,telinga dan mulut.
Agama menjalani terang dan gelap bagai jalanya matahari.Itu adalah ujian dari Allah.
Setelah manusia di gelapi panca inderanya ,Allah akan angkat orang yang soleh untok hancurkan kegelapan yang di bawa Yahudi Bankers dan mengantikannya dengan deen Islam yang terang. Bukti2 lumrah alam ini semua boleh di dapati dari ayat2 Alquran.