Thursday, May 14, 2009

Satan,Ulamas,Hadis and ISA.

If it makes UMNO/BN feel better, I'd like to say that every one on this earth has also succumbed to Satans influence one way or another,some more than others.Some managed to rid themselves of Satan. Some however remained as Satan's followers.Hopefully UMNO/BN will rid themselves of the Satan.Its really not easy to do, because the opportunity to rob the people's/rakyat's money is made so easy with I.S.A,O.S.A,Sedition Acts, and Privatization of government assets all in place. If the system(Capitalism/Kafirnomics) is corrupt you need to change the system first.Try Islamnomics instead.

The fact that sometimes we tell a lie is already the original sin of the Satan.
The fact that we procrastinate is also the Satan making us unsuccessful people.
The fact that we wasted time and and became poor instead of working hard to be comfortable, is also what Satan wants for us. So Satan also goes inside of us and creates havoc in our lives too.

The Ulama/Priests/religious leaders are also effected by Satan.Imam Al Bukhari wrote a hadis that says, Allah planned 50 times solat/prayers a day, and the Prophet Muhammad had to fly on a winged horse, to and fro several times to haggle with Allah until finally Allah relented to 5 solats/prayers a day.
This story has many questions left unanswered,such as :-
1)Can you belief this fantasy story???
2)Is there a winged horse ???
3)Is Allah a flip flop(Japanese slippers) solat(prayer) Manager/Planner ???.
4)Does Allah need to go for Total Quality Management course on "How to do it right the first time"???
5)Is this Imam who...walks like an Angel,...talks like an Angel,..dress like an Angel, an Angel or a Satan ???
6)What Ulama would say Allah is a flip flop solat(prayer) Manager/Planner ???
7)Or is it that Satan entered him and made him ridicule Allah ???
8)Did Satan also entered him so that he can tell this fantasy and stupid stories to stupefy the Muslims and make them like cows led by the nose ???
It is the job of Satan to cheat and stupefy mankind anyway. So what better way for Satan to stupefy mankind than to disguise himself as an "Angel"(Ulama,Priests,Monks etc).Satan is like a wolf in sheeps clothing. It is in fact the best strategy to get the greatest number of mankind to join him in Hell.

The book of Hadis had been able to mislead multitudes of Muslims.It also managed to stupefy Muslims by a hadis which says"Whoever try to interpret the Quran using the mind must be prepared to be burned in hell".
This caused Arab and non Arab Muslims to be able to read the Quran in Arabic but could not understand what they read in the Quran.
Is this not the process of stupefying of Muslims using a lahwal(vain) hadis???
Ulamas together with the Rulers made their own hadis to persecute their opponents.
There is a hadis which says that, you can kill those who murtad(relinquish Islam)and apostate. The term murtad and apostate was then used loosely to make war and kill their opponents. By this method too the Sunnis kill the Shiah and vice verse till today, especially in Iraq.This murtad and apostate law is similar to Malaysia's ISA(Internal Security Act) used by the Malaysian government to "kill" their opponents.Coincidentally these murtad and apostasy laws can also be called ISA(Islam Security Act).They say it is for Islams security but actually it is for the King;s/Rulers' security. Both the government of Malaysia and the Kings/Rulers and Ulamas are very insecure and therefore need to "kill" their opponents using ISA in order to survive.

The Ulamas also made use of the hadis to made war on Muslim Philosophers and Scientists.You can read about this in Ibn Rushd book "Tahafut Al Tahafut" a book that refuted Imam Al Gazali's contention or fatwa that the philosophers and scientist are kafir or apostate.This war finally "killed"/destroyed all the Muslim philosophers and scientist.
In a way the government of the day got rid of all the wise men, so that they can rule over the people like managing domesticated cows and camels being led by the noses.
Democracy and Republic preached by philosophers were in fact a threat to Kingship.
The parallel here is the story of "Singapore over run by sword fish"(Singapura di langgar todak). In this story a brilliant child who came up with the idea of planting banana trees along the shores to prevent swordfish from killing the people, was killed by the King because the King was insecure and assumed that the smart boy might over throw his Kingship. This another example of ISA(Intenal Security Act)
Therefore,it is the trend for the Kings/Rulers/Governments to make use of Ulamas,religion and Satanic laws(ISA,OSA,Sedition Act) and lahwal(vain) hadis to stupefy the people even till today.

Allah had warned us about this,refer Al Quran 31:6 "Some people use "lahwal(vain) hadis" to mislead others from the straight path(Islam),without knowledge,and make a mockery of it(Islam)".
Who if not the Ulamas are the ones who use lahwal(vain)hadis???
Somehow this warning was not heeded as there were many attempts by Ulamas to hide the real meaning of "lahwal hadis" by misinterpreting the verse of the Quran.
The fact that non Arabs Muslims are taught to read the Quran in Arabic and discouraged to understand Quran was the simplest way for the Satan in Ulamas disguise to cheat and stupefy all Muslims. It was more of a class struggle between the ruling class and the people/rakyat. Religion/Islam became a tool of the Ruling Class(Kings,Politicians and Ulamas).

There are many more fantasy and stupid stories in the Hadis book of Bukhari, Muslim,and other authors.One such is the story that when an Angel of Death wanted to take the life of prophet Moses, Moses punched the Angel of Death in the eye and God had to repair it.It made God and the Angel of death as weaklings.
There are good hadis too, but this hadis methodology allows the Satan to insert a bad hadis that will override the good hadis and even the Quran too.
The elevation of the hadis at par and sometimes over riding the Quran is like having another god called Muhammad, speaking through the hadis, to be set up at par to Allah who speaks through the Quran. Verily this is an act of syirik,to associate a man beside Allah the one and only God.

May Allah protect all of us from Satan disguised as Kings,Politicians and Ulamas.

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