Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yo Mahathief.! You caused the rot in UMNO and the Government.

They say you are the Bapak of Developement of Malaysia.

I say, yeah,but only the development of the robber barons and the kronies.The rakyat became poorer by 240% as compared to Singapore and Brunei monetary value.You have taxed the rakyat by devaluing the money to pay for your white elephants and bailouts of your Robber Barons.
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

You started the "Pemerintahan Ali Baba dan 40 Perampok". (Read my article that has the same title).You yourself used many "Ali Baba" bussinessman suc as, Mr Ting P. K,Mr Yeo T.L, Mr R.Chia and Mr V.Tan.
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

You started the Pemerintahan "Sheriff of Nottingham".(Read my article with the same title). Your Robber Barons were given so much money in Toll collections that you had to OSA(Official Secret Act) the agreement Toll concessionairs had with the government.
You are a despicable despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

You told us that Soros caused the devaluation of our money.
Soros said you exhobitantly over spent the Banks resources.Bank Bumiputra got murdered in the process. And I wonder who killed Jalil in the BMF Hong Kong scandal???
You later said that Soros did not cause the devaluation of our money.
I ask you now. Who then caused the devaluation of the Ringgit???????
At that very time you were building the KLCC,KLIA,Bakun Dam,Putra Jaya,KL Tower,and bail out MAS's shares at almost double the market price. your son's company was also bailout with money from our Employers Provident fund.
We rakyat had to pay for all your exhobitantly lavish white elephant projects by your devaluing of the Ringgit.All those companies and white elephants should have belonged to the rakyat,yet it still belonged to UMNO cronies.
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad..

You told everyone that Anwar was a gay without any proof and that Anwar hit himself in the eye.
My God ! That was the most despicable klingtong of the century coming from a Prime Minister at that time.The Father of the Politics of Sodomy was none other than you. Your anointed ones cannot help but repeat your sins.Its like you have zombied all of them in UMNO Baru.
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

You tourtured hundreds of people by sending them to jail under I.S.A, thus denying their legal rights. Some might have died due to the touture. Some women detained said they were molested by the police.
I think you are the devil in disguise.(Read my article "Devil in disguise :Elvis Presley's Philosophy","Satan and angel made simple".
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

You and Mr Lingam corrupted the Judiciary.Those judges that did not listen to you were sacked.Those that listened to you got promoter really fast.
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

You told us to look East, but you looked West at Margerete Thatcher. You imitated her Privatization programs and robbed the state of its assets.
You are a despicable man Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.

I could go on and on about your despicableness, but I am afraid you might get another heart attack and die.
So "Member no 001" of UMNO Baru, before you kick the bucket please clean up the shit you have left behind. We dont need a Crime Minister which you anointed.We dont need the 40 odd Perampoks installed as Ministers and Assistant Ministers,Private Secretaries and Menteri Masok Belakang and what not and so forth.
You are despicable Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.
Are you not the "Devil in Disguise Elvis presley talked about ???(Read my article "Devil in Disguise:Elvis Presley's Philosophy".

Its because I love you that I am telling you your mistakes Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.Please do good and forbid evil. Ask forgiveness from Allah and the people whom you have sinned against.You dont want to wake up one day in hereafter with your hands chopped off for stealing from the rakyat.
Do all this fast,... because you dont have much time left.

Salam/Peace to you Tun Dr Mahathief Mohammad.


Hamba said...

Pencacai tua pengangkat najis ni mana tau nak membersihkan semua najis2 yg dia buat. kerja dia sendiri tak tau buat apatah lagi nak membersihkan negara. Mahadey ni memang pembawa malapetaka kepada Malaysia. A curse unto Malaysia!

Whatif said...

Pak Yeh,

Could not agree with you more. Those of us in our 50's and 60's would know that it was Mathathir who started the rot in Malaysia by changing the rules so as to control all the pillars of democracy.

I believe Pak Lah has tried to stop the rot but was unable to resist the raging tide of corruption and has to give up.

Our only hope is a complete change of government.