Saturday, September 18, 2010

Even Allah will favor Article 153 favoring poor Malays and poor non Malays.

What the f### is the matter with UMNO.???
They are removing article 153 favoring the poor Malays in the Malaysian economy.!!!
Poor Malay rights have been eroded.!!!
Without Article 153 or better laws, poor Malays will suffer the same fate as American Red Indians,and Australian Aborigines.
Already many Malays have left Malaysia because thay cannot get a job that even pay wages below the pooverty line.!!!This because foreign worker were brought in for more profits to the bissness elite.!!!

Woi UMNO.!!! Please read 1)history of Malaya and 2) the Quran in a language you can understand.!!!

Historically the Malayan Chinese were
1)British opium,tin,rubber and pepper bisness partners kicked out of Cina by Mao Tze Tung and the Communist.!!!
The Malayan Chinese were given affirmative action in economy very much better than artic 153,
2)British soldier in arms in the fight agains Communist Cina.
Hence, Malayan Chinese were British partners in colonising Cina and later Malaya.!!!

The malayan Chinese were given affirmative action in economy very much better than article 153 in the form of "Overseas Chinese Banks" and bisness and land ownership.
Of course, having ownership of Banks, the Chinese bussnes multiplied their richest more than a hundred times over the Malays who do not htave Banks untill well after Merdeka.
So if Chinese during the British government had a Bank,an afirmative action far greater than Article 153, why cant Malays continue with article 153 or any other afirmative action so that they are equal or more successful than the Chinese.???

The Communist concept of "redistribution of wealth" is another better version of article 153.!!!

If UMNO members read and understand rather than read in Arabic and not understand a word of the Quran, than they would
1) help the poor,(the majority being the Malays).
Affirmative action to help the poor Malays is still negligible compared to what is given to Royalties and kronies of UMNO/BN.
2)There are many more veses in the Quran on carity and taxes that UMNO can use to reinvent the article 153.

So reinvent the article 153 to help poor Malays and poor non Malays. Tax the rich Royalties,Ministers and kronies, to feed the poor.

My dear UMNO.!! It is your duty to continue with affirmative action(reinventions/versions of Article 153) to help the poor Malays and non Malays.!!!

A Welfare State is another version of article 153.!!!


Puteri said...

Pak Yeh, Puteri kabur-kabur kenyataan Pak Yeh di atas. Apakah kerajaan Malaysia dah confirm akan HAPUSKAN artikel 153 dalam perlembagaan? Kat mana PakYeh dapat info ni.. Puteri agaknya ketinggalan bab ni..

pak yeh said...

Salam Putri,
NEM(New economic Model telah hapuskan 30% equity bagi pelabur2 asing, atas dasar Liberasasi dan globalisasi.
Waima scara pelembagaan ianya maseh belum di hapuskan,tetapi secara practik ianya di hapuskan.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Yeh,

Nampaknya Pak Yeh konsisten serta ikhlas memperjuangkan hak2 the poor Malay and the non Malay. Mulianya hati Pak Yeh.

Artikel ini seharusnya diupload to complement artikel yang terkini.
Terima kasih.

pak yeh said...

Terima kaseh Anonymouse.
Ya, benar kata anda, kekadang perlu di upload sebagai link pada article baru.