Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arab Revolutions : 2nd Wake-up Call for UMNO/BN. :

The Egypt Tunisian and soon to come all Arab Revolutions looks like a wake-up call to all undemocratic and despotic governments of the world, to change their evil ways for the better.
The Egypt revolution had shown how easy it is to create a Revolution when people are united in rejecting the riddled with fraud and human rights violation, of so called democratically elected government and what of more monarchs.
It just shows that, when the time is right, the people will all rise up against their despotic government.!!!

For Malaysia it is the 2nd wake-up call. The 1st wake-up call being the PRU12, 2008 elections.
The UMNO/BN government had voiced for change, but to date, they are unable to carry out the changes.
UMNO/BNs promise of anti corruption which was so popular with the people that it gave them, under the Abdullah Badawi premiership, an overwhelming majority of 90% votes, turned out to be nothing but unfulfilled promise.No action was taken to persecute those guilty of corruption, inspite of tons of evidence posted on the internet.

The second issue that the government promised but could not deliver is the transparency of the election commission. The use of indelible ink was promised, but not implemented. The transparency of postal votes were not determined. Many more abuse of government funds and properties used to bribe voters were also not addressed.

The third issue of human rights violation by the Police who caused several deaths, and imprisonment without trial in a court of law is also not addressed.

With these three bigest sins of despotic governments, it looks like Malaysia is ripe for a revolution.!!!

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Anonymous said...

What goes up must come down. UMNO/BN is lije ripe and rotting bananas. They must fall down.