Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monetary Revolution :Why use fake money.???

Paper money a fraudulent monetary system.!!!
Governments that use fraudulent money and banking systems are fraudsters who amass tremendous wealth by doing nothing but print money.!!!
Paper money has no value.!!! The only reason why people believes in paper money is because they are stupid.!!!
Why are we so stupid to belief in paper money that has no value other than the worthlessness of paper.???
Why do we belief that a piece of paper can buy gold and everything else.???

Come on.!!! Lets boycott paper money and free ourselves from being fooled by the governments of the world, and the Bankers of the world.!!!
Lets use Gods money ie. gold,silver,copper etc.!!!

A revolution is incomplete without a money revolution. The reason why Communism finally becomes Capitalism is because paper money is a Capitalist monetary system.!!!
Hence, a revolution is incomplete without a money revolution.

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