Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Malaysia is a Christian,Jewish and Chinese State.!!!

My reseach into history uncovers that Malaysia is no more a Malay Islamic Strate.
It was before, under the Malacca Sultans, but after colonisation by British Christians and British Jews, the state metamorpised into a Christian and Jewish State.

When debating with the Christians, we get to know that, we had a Christian Education.
Many Malays like me went to a Methodist School. Many Malays still do to this date.
So in a way Malaysia is a Christian State or more precisely a Christian education type State.
The word State too is a Western/Christian consept.
So these are proofs enough that Malaysia is a Christian State.

Another proof that Malaysia is a Christian State is that Christians can change their gods name to Allah. Allah can now be called Isa/Jesus and Ruh alQudus/the Holy Spirit. The British mischief in mistranslation of the Bible is an enroachment on Islam,blaspheming and Christinisation of Allah is never corrected as yet by UMNO.

Similiarly,it can also be said that Malaysia is a Jewish State.
This is because the government (UMNO/BN) aceppted the use of Jewish Bankers printed fraudulent paper money when they should have used Gods/Islamic money(gold dinars and silver dirhams).
Further proofs are Dr.Ms and Najibs Jewish economic and political advisers.Soros and APCO are proofs bo the Jewish State connection.

In fact it can also be proved that Malaysia is a Chinese State because the real kings/the rich ones are the Chinese, and that paper money was first created by Chinese.(Read my rencana "Duit Cina Mampos = Duit Yahudi Penipu").

So my dear UMNO. What do you have to say to that.???
Obviousely your government is still colonised by Christians, Jews and Chinese.!!! Malaysia is still a Christian,Jewish and Chinese State.

Heh,heh,heh. What a bodoh UMNO.!!!Being colonised by Christians,Jews and Chinese and not knowing it.!!!
UMNOs name itself is still colonized by British.!!!
Jangan marah. This is constructive criticism for you, UMNO.Buck up and change.

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Anonymous said...

Benar kata2 Pak yeh.
Negara kita telah di perintah oleh British. Jadi tidak hairan jika pendidikkan negara adalah pendidikan ala Christian dan ekonomi negara adalah ekonomi ala Yahudi.

Politic Democracy adalah polit Christian ataupun Greek.
Politik Islam adalah Theocracy cara Kalifah ataupun cara jemaah Sufi.