Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rocky'sbru's Slimy Bodek and Dr.M's Stupidity.

Read here Rockybru's rubbish and slimy bodek. 
And read on below, my comments on his rubbish/slimy bodek and Dr.M's stupidity.

rocky's bru


with updates
31 Aug 1957. The same year Malaysia achieved its Merdeka from the British, Ghana became the first African state to gain its Independence*. A year earlier, Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia got their Independence** and in 1958 it was Guinea's turn to be freed of colonialism. In 1960, the year we turned 3 years old, Cameroon, Senegal, Togo, Rep of Congo, Somalia, Madagascar, Benin, Niger, Bukina Faso, Cote d'Ivorie, Chad, Central African Republic, Dem Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cyprus, Mali, Nigeria and Mauritania became Independent nations.

Today, Ghana, which was one of the richest nations in Africa before the British conquest, is doing pretty well see tables for Malaysia and Ghana). Wars and strife have obstructed the progress of many of these nations. Somalia, as we know, is in ICU. In comparison, we are not doing badly at all ...

Selamat Hari Merdeka. May we forge stronger ahead despite our petty "wars" and may our children live happily ever afterus.

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Pak Yeh's Comments:

Rocky said : In comparison, we are not doing badly at all ...

Kah,kah,kah. Only an idiot would compare himself with other idiots and say, "We are not doing too badly at all". 
Apa daa Rocky.? University tong sampah mana kamu graduate hah.???

Why compare Malaysia with backward African countries.???.
Why not compare apple to apple with former Malaysian country like Singapore.???

Before we were at par ie Ringgit 1.0 =Singapore $1.0. 
Now we are Ringgit 2.5 = Singapore $1.0.
This means we have degressed/merosot by 150% compared to Singapore. 
This means our RM300.0 is worth only RM100.0 of our original money that was equal to Singapore and Brunei money.
This means we, the rakyat and wage earner have become poorer by 150%.

Chiss.!!! Bodoh punya Malaysian gomen.!!! Bodoh punya UMNO/BN.!!! Bodoh punya Ahirudin Atan/Rocky. Dan yang paling bodoh seantara dunia ia lah Dr.M.M.Mamakkutty, because during his tenure as PM our ringgit droped twice, when he built Daya Bumi and when he built KLCC!!!

Singapore has nothing.!!! Not even water.!!! Yet they are 150% better than us economically/moneywise.!!! 
Malaysia has everything.!!! Oil,gas,water,hydro power,timber,plantation,plentyful labour, and yet we lose economically/moneywise to Singapore by 150%.!!! 
How stupid can our UMNO/BN gomen be.???
There is no gomen in the whole Galaxy that is stupider than our UMNO/BN gomen.!!!
Dr.M.M.Mamakkutty has to take the full blame,because our money dropped the most during his tenure as Prime Minister.!!!
Cilaka punya Mamakkutty.!!! Laknattullah punya Mamakkutty.!!! Because of you we are 150% poorer.!!!  Adoi.!!! Besarnya kemaluan orang2 Melayu/Malaysia, kerana kebodohan kamu,wahai Mamakkutty.!!!

Aiyaa Ahirudin/Rocky. Why so stupid ah.??? Maybe you are not stupid but have sold your soul to the devil.!!! Either way you are still stupid.!!! Ini macam kalu mesti belubat lo. Elok lah minum air kaki Pak Yeh.!!! Gerenti pandai punya.!!!

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