Saturday, October 29, 2011

Islam and Malay Bashing at Malaysia Today RPK

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Pak Yeh yeh to labisman
show details Oct 12
I wonder whether you are aware that my comments had been deleteted unfairly by Muslim bashing Christians.!!!
My comments was deleted, but a reply to my comments was posted. Only you or your Admin can do this...Pls refer CnP below and pls be fair and respect me.

#written by sabahfan-x, October 11, 2011 20:05:19
written by Pak Yeh, October 11, 2011 19:32:22 
Dear Pete, 
They say Christians have the best ethics.!!! 
That is because their priest are very well trained to be angels and sinless beings,able to forgive other peoples sins.!!! 
But how come their priests like to rape little boys.???????? 
And the Pope did not take action against them.!!!!!!! 

Dear Pak Yeh and RPK.. 
1)Yes, I agree the Pope and the Bishops did nothing. BUT their followers DID. 
The guilty priest got sued and sacked and shamed, and the church have to pay millions in compensation. 
2)Does that happen if some other religious leaders rape an 8 year old girl in the guise of marriage? shame on you.
3)Also millions of genuine priest gave their whole life in the service of people in the name of god died without a single cent or any property except for the coffin given by the people he served till death and the tearful goodbyes of his congregation. 
4)Name me just one leader of other religious group who had done the same. As far as I can see, in malaysia they no4)t only take 4 wifes, others take endless number of wifes in the name of his god... NO SHAME

Pak Yeh's comment to RPK ::
Looks like Christian bashing comments get deleted,but Muslim/prophet Mohamad bashing is not deleted on Malaysia Today. !!!
RPK wake up.!!! Or are you a Christian now.???

Pak Yehs reply to sabanfan-x,
Dear sabanfan-x,
1) You agree that the Pope did not take action but the people did....Ya  ! via the secular laws, but not through the sacred Laws of the Bible. [b]The Preist should have been stoned to death. Including the Pope, for abeting in the crime of raping little boys.[/b]
2)Who do you mean raped an 8 year old girl.??? Prophet Mohamad.??? It never happened.!!! It was all fake hadis.!!! I do not belief in hadis. I only belief in Quran.!!!
3)Yes I agree, they are good priest too.
4)There are countless priests/Ulamas of other religions who does good too..AlFarabi,Ibni Sina,Ibni Rushd, whose books became the light for Christian Renaissance/illumination.
5) 4 wives.??? Your Christian prophet Solomon had 1000 wives.

[b]You Christians all kalah.!!! Yo better convert to Muslims. Dont have to lie by saying Yarweh is a third of his original One self.!!!

The above is a gmail to Raja Petra Kaaruddin, voicing my dissatisfaction at his undemocratic application of O.S.A. on my comments,for defending my religion,Islam.

Malaysia today is full of Islam bashing Christians, preaching their so called "holier than thou religion" at the expense of Muslims by running down Islam and prophet Mohamad. Yet when I defended Islam and attacked the Christians, my comments get deleted.!!! 

Malaysia Today is also a hive for Malay bashing by non Malays and RPK himself.
He not only bashed,but insulted working class Malays by saying 1 non Melay can do the work of 3 Melays..
But why delete my comments when I defended the Malayus.???

 These are some of the comments that got deleted.

With all the Malay and Islam bashing on Malaysia Today, many will think you are a Melayu murtad.!!!
Good thing you reminded us.

Being a Malay is a colonialist mentality.!!! You must be a Melayu.!!!

Note : Jangan marah2.!!! You dislike constructive criticism.??? Be like UMNO and OSA/delete it, like you deleted all my other comments.!!!
 Luckily I saved them for another day.!!!

What does an Elitist and Capitalist Raja who spend most of his time in the colonial nation of Britain know about Malayus.???
This Malayu worked in an Amercan Malaysian company filled with biased/racist Chinese and was able to outshine all of them,be it in Engineering or Management. Proof in the form of minutes of meetings,quality management seminars is available.

The Malayu farmers worked damn hard,but was exploited by middleman British,Chinese and Malays the likes of Bernas' Al Bukhary.!!!
Imports are cheaper than home grown.!!! So farming became almost dead (hidup segan mati tak mahu).
With all their hard work,they still get little money because the Capitalist system, exploits the poor peasants/farmers.!!!

Dont listen to foreigners.!!! The are all Capitalist.!!!
It is cheaper to employ foreigners. That is why they blacken the Malays.
UMNO is too be blamed for this Capitalist/Colonialist economy.!!!

The farmers went into cash crops like rubber,cocoa,oil palm, but because the price were exploited by Capitalist middlemen, they remained poor (like Felda farers).!!!
Like Mexican corn farmers, Melayu farmers were hit by cheaper imports, an ultimately they had to quit farming and go work in factories with slavery wages.!!!

It is the elite Capitalist Malays(UMNO and Rajas) that are in cahoots with foreigner Capitalist(British,Chinese etc) that monopolize trade, and destroyed the hard working Malayus.!!!

Do you understand the rootcause of "economic" problems of Malayus now RPK.???

Note; I do not understand this RPK guy. Maybe he wants to be treated like a Raja, Like what some commentators did, calling him "Yang Mulia", "Sir RPK",etc,etc.
Sure he feels elevated, but it makes the other guy want to puke.
I am not the only one with an axe to grind. There is an impeccable mannered English lady who gave good,polite advice to him, but he deleted the comment. I am sure there are many more people insulted by this guy.
In his last post he lamented about why most of the 4000 registered commentors are not commenting anymore.
Look see...

written by Super Admin, October 29, 2011 00:04:07
Actually, we have almost 4,000 registered readers but very few want to comment

Yo RPK.! Comments are not coming because you keep deleting it lah.!!!
Kah.kah.kah. What a joker.!


Anonymous said...

Biar kan lah si 'blogger pelacur' ini pak yeh

he will do sell his own daughter for money

dia tahu orang melayu dah tak baca dia punya blog

pak yeh said...

Blogger pelacur.??? Siapa yang langgani dia.??? Mamak Kutty.???

Bagi saya dia ni blogger gila tembak orang(trigger happy).
Bini dia sendiri pun dia tembak. Lihat rencana dia...

Dia tembak Cina dengan berkata Cina Kuala Lumpur keturunan pelacur, sedangkan isteri dia adalah Cina Kuala Lupur. Nampak sangat trigger happy dan kebodohan dia.

akupun said...

he is coward!

pak yeh said...

You are right. This is the proof.

written by Pak Yeh, October 23, 2011 15:54:36
This guy is preaching as if Islam is rigid and must be done in his way. He has not given any Quran verses to support his claims. Neither has he given the Prophet Mohamads history to support it.
Note the history of prophet Mohamad. An "ummah" was created in Medina. A state was created in Mekah.
The purpose of a state is to assume power to make laws,for believers and non believers. Of ost importance is Islamic economic laws. "Politics is economics." Period.

RPK is accepting this author's opinion wihout any debate. Only chickens(kek,kok,kek,kok) and idiots dont debate a"truth".!!!
.You can delete my comments if you like and make yourself to be an UMNO despot.. It will find its way into some other blogs