Friday, February 17, 2012

The UMNO in Anwar pt2.:Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin

The revelation by Raja Petra Kamarudin at Malaysia tells us what sort of person Anwar Ibrahim is.

Whether the RPK's story is true or not is immaterial, because the intent Anwar had in bringing over, or buying over 30 parliamentarians to form a new government is wrong and immoral, as aptly said by Karpal Singh.
Supposing it succeeded,then we will be faced by counter buying of parliamentarian by UMNO. There is also the Agongs prerogative toagree or not to agree with it.
In that scenario, it is evident that Anwar cannot win. The fact that he tried to do it is a miscalculated plan and strategy.
Now ,why did Karpal Singh call it an immoral thing to do.???
The reason is, it is undemocratic to bring over or buy over parliamentarians who had bee chosen by the rakyat.
From this experience, we can say that the mind od Anwar is Machiavellian, ie, someone who believes in unethical means to win power.
If what RPK said is true. That John Soh or Anwar himself would have financed the buy over of parliamentarians, then it is money politics which is illegal in a democracy.  The use of illegal methods is strictly illegal in democracy.
The use of illegal and immoral methods of winning votes is the expertise of UMNO. If Anwar is also seen as a practitioner of illegal and immoral methods (Machiavellian politics), then  we really have a problem here,that is, we are putting in an UMNO clone into our government, to be Prime Minister.
What a nightmare.!!!

Now just because Anwar is an UMNO clone does not mean others in PKR are UMNO clones too. But an effort must be realized to reform PKR. Zaid Ibrahim had visioned it, but unfortunately he resigned,which I thing was a mistake on his part.
However this does not mean that Wan Azzizah and Nurul cannot reform the party. Wan Azzizah had said before that she cannot work with Azmin.It is not within her power to put in her people instead of Azmin.???
It is within her power to even sack Azmin, if she can prove that Azmin is corrupted. There have been talks on the blogs of Azmins corruption. Can she not prove that Azmin cheated in the last election for Deputy Presidents post.??? Could she not ask for a vote of no confidence.???
Now just because she is the wife of Anwar does not mean that she have to stand by Anwar questionable deeds, especially when sex videos of Anwar has been circulating.
If Wan Azizah is thinking for the benefit of Islam and the rakyat, her husband should take second place.In politics the rakyat is the real master. In Islam Allah is the real Master.
So what now my friends in PKR.??? To reformasi or not to reformasi within PKR.???

Common PKR members stop being Anwar clones who is no different from UMNO clones.
Have your own identity.
Anwar has destroyed his own credibility by blundering on 16 September undemocratic action, by the  support for Israel, by the support for Azmin and his questionable internal elections, by the sex videos,by not eliminating corruption in the sand mining issue.
Anwar is not a person that can show direction and good leadership.

Another issue :
Who the shithead PR(PAS and DAP included) menbers made Anwar (aMalay Studies graduate who know nuts about economics) the economic adviser of the Selangor government.???
Didn't you know that he had bankrupted our economy in 1998,when he was the Finance Minister.???
Read more may article "1998 Ringgit Crash: Was Dr M/Anwar hit by the economic hitman.?" @
Why am I saying this.???
Because the rakyat do not need blunderers and idiots who bankrupted our economy and are pro "Israel terrorist" to be their leader.!!!
So, Reform PKR and PR please.!!!
Reject Anwar Ibrahim as would be Prime Minister.!!!
He is too stupid espacially in economics, to be our Prime Minis
He might listen to Israel and American neo-colonization.!!!ter

As for his view on Israel, please klik the video below
Dr Chandra Musafar has said it correctly, that Anwar does not think of "keadilan orang Palestinian"/justice for Pa;lestinians by supporting an occupying force(Israel).
Where is Anwars "keadilan" gone to.??? Cakap tak serupa bikin.!!!
Nelson Mandela had said the the issue is a moral issue.
Where is Anwars morality when he supported the occupying regime of Israel.???
Cakap tak serupa bikin.!!!
Members of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, what is happening.???
Your Supremo is without keadilan and morals (16 September immoral politics,sex videos,support of Isreal,cheating in internal elections).!!!
Cakap tak serupa bikin.!!!


Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh.

Samasa Anwar jadi FM,Chandra memang rapat dengan nya.Anwar beri kapadanya $5 juta ringgit untok dia biayai Just World yang baru ia tubohkan.Wang itu ia pelu share dengan SM Idris Prisident CAP,Penang.Dia sapu semua wang itu.SM Idris telah meyamannya.

Semasa Mahathir menyinkir Anwar ia mula mengampu Mahathir.Kemudian bila Pak Lah menjadi PM ia mula mengampu Pak Lah dan memuji Islah Hadiri yang di peloporkan oleh Pak Lah.Ia mula memborokan mahathir.

Sekarang Najib menjadi Pm ia mula memuji Najib dan menyerang Anwar.

Ini orang tak boleh pakai lah.Lebeh busok dari Pelacor jalan IMBI.

pak yeh said...

Saya boleh setuju dengan apa yang anonymous kata.
Tapi yang benar tetap benar.Pandangan nya kali ini adalah politically and Islaically correct.

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh

Jagan percaya sangat cakap si Cahandra Muzzafar itu.Dia ini pun lebeh kurang sama dengan Mamak pengasas mazhab UMNO Baru.Yang AI ini pun satu hal, selalu bagi peluang orang tibai dia.