Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beware of Government Debts and Hyperinflation.

Watch the video below for a forecast of our future economy.
America's problem is similar to the problem of all nations.
The problem is the over printing or limitless printing of  paper money,
This is due to Nixon's Bretton Woods removal of the gold standard from the dollar.
The more money you print,the more is the governments debts.
At 50% debts (Malaysia is at this level) hyperinflation is started. At 100% debt the country is bankrupt, but can still go on by devaluation of the money. The country becomes poorer and poorer. That is what economic colonization by Bankers is about.!!!
What about the Bankers themselves.???
Smart Bankers like China are using their paper money to buy gold as reserve. If the money has dropped to zero,they still have gold, and they can start the game all over again without borrowing from other gold rich Jewish banks.
If Malaysian Bankers are smart, they would use their paper money to buy gold to hold as reserves instead
of holding American dollars as reserves.
As for all of us, investing in a piece of land for agriculture is the best solution to weather an economic disaster caused by Capitalism/Kafirnomics. 

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