Sunday, November 18, 2012

OPEC Keeps American Dollar Alive

We have seen Obama bailing out banks like money came from trees. Literally speaking money, more specifically, paper money, does come from trees, and its supply is limitless.

But paper money does not have any value unless it is tied to gold or to some other commodity. So how are they able to have limitless money.???

The video below tells you how the American paper dollar is tied to a supposedly limitless supply of oil/petrol.

But only the American dollar is tied to oil. All other currencies are tied to the American dollar instead.  

This system ensures American supremacy of the world nations via fiscal/monetary policy.It also allows America to print limitless money to eventually buy up every nation on this earth. 

  But who prints the American dollar.???
The answer is the Federal Reserve.
So the real owner of all the nations in this world is the owner of the Federal Reserve. 
Who are the owners of the Federal Reserve.???
The Merchants of Venice.???

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