Monday, March 18, 2013

Know Your Enemy (Satan)

Via debate on the internet the truth will be revealed.
This is what Allah has encouraged in Quran 39:18 "Listen to all views.Choose the best view. These are the guided,the intelligent."

The video below is a view by Protestant Christians.
It will be the truth if the Catholics are unable to refute it. But refuting it means they have to refute the Bible itself. And that would be the end of Christianity.!

The Quran says that for every prophet, there is an anti prophet.The prophet represents God and Truth,while  the anti-prophet represents Satan and falsehood and their existence is like the "ying" and "yang" of the Tao Philosophy.
It is Satan's job to mislead believers from the truth by deception.(refer Quran 31:33"... nor let the Chief Deceiver beguile you, in regard to Allah.") And what better way for Satan to mislead mankind than to disguise himself as a Priest or Ulama.
Therefore, the enemy within is the worst enemy one can find.

There is anti Christ in Christianity, and there is also anti prophet Mohamad in Islam.
The anti prophet Mohamad in Islam, is the hadis Ulamas who fabricated the hearsay hadis (refer Quran 31:6"Some people use "lahwal hadis"/misleading hadis, to mislead others from Allah's path,without knowledge,and make a mockery of it(Allah's path/Islam)".
They also made the misleading hadis (*lahwal hadis) as Allah's law, inspite of Allah saying that no one is made a partner in his Law/Hukum.(refer Quran 18:26 "He does not make any one His associate in His ‘HUKM’ (Laws and Ruling)." 

Mainstream religions and Priests/Ulamas are under attack by a reformation movement of truth seekers who do not want to be misled by Priests/Ulamas anymore.
The way I see it, the "Padre / Ustaz Google" will soon render the Priests/Ulamas irrelevant because "When everybody is a Priest/Ulama,then nobody needs a Priest/Ulama."
"Religion should not be monopolized by Priests/Ulamas".

So, viva la internet.!!! Research and debates on the internet will reveal the truth.!!!
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