Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anwar & Dr.M Are Ningkompoops When Compared To Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee Kwan Yew is a Grandmaster in politics.That is what most political analyst say about him. Although we can say that he trod-ed the dictatorship path of politics, his track record of perfect economic management is surpassed by none, in-spite of almost nil in natural resources.

"Politics is about economics/finance, hence if your National economics/finance is a success story, your politics will never fail."
Malysians, UMNO/BN/PR leaders fail to understand this Political/Economic Principle.
The proof is in the value of our money compared to Singapores money. Originally our money is Malaysian $1.00 is equal to Singapore $1.00. Now Malaysian $2.50 is equivalent to Singapore $1.00. This means that Singapore is richer than Malaysia by 150%. 
And PR/opposition leaders are ningkompoops too for not exploiting this issue to its hilt.

How can our money be 150% less than Singapores money when Singapore an island, without any natural resources, is very much poorer than Malaysia who had oil,timber,lots of land and labour.??? 

The answer is either Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew is a SUPER INTELLIGENT guy, or our UMNO/BN leaders are SUPER IDIOTS.

I would say that the 2nd answer is more logical.

So if Malaysian leaders and those that voted them in are super idiots shouldn't they listen to the critiques or constructive criticism from the Grand Master of Politics, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.???

Frankly we should be employing Mr Lee Kuan Yew as our Finance Minister, instead of having super idiots like Dr M, Najib and Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Ministers.

 Anwar Ibrahim said:"Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s views expressed in his new book, One Man’s View of the World, are "obsolete,"

Anwar Ibrahim is a super idiot when you compare Malaysia's finance during his Finance Minister ship to Singapore's finance during Lee kuan Yew's Prime Minister ship and Mentor Minister ship.
 This is because the 1998 ringgit's worst devaluation was during Anwar's tenure as the Finance Minister. I would give Anwar the prize of the worst Finance Minister in Malaysia, if not the world.
So who is Anwar to say Lee Kuan Yew's view is obsolete. Anwar will have to lick his own spit, like PAS Abdul Hadi had to, when he said Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh were expired medicine.

Dr M said  "I excuse him. He's 90 years old so we give him allowance for age. Like how I expect people to give me allowance also. I'm also old. I'm 88 years old,"

 Dr M is a super idiot when you compare Malaysia's finace under Dr.M to Singapore's finance under Lee Kuan Yew.
This is because of the ringgit crash in 1998. His stupidity in employing the enemy (Jewish economic advisers/Soros) whose advice caused the ringgit to crash. Najib is still making the same mistake of employing the enemy (APCO) as advisors. Read more..

Anyway,how can a ningkompoop like Dr M differentiate an intelligent man like Lee Kuan Yew from ordinary ningkompoops like himself.???

Lets take a good look at what Mr Lee Kuan Yew said that Pakatan leaders are so angry about.

Lee Kuan Yew said :
" The opposition / Pakatan Rakyat was  an opportunistic and adhoc group not held together by even a vaguely coherent set of ideas but by a common desire to unseat the government."

Pak Yeh's comments.
"Oppotunistic" is a good word in politics. If you are not opportubistic,you would be a bad politician.
 " adhoc group not held together by even a vaguely coherent set of ideas but by a common desire to unseat the government." is an appopriate comment if Pakatan Rakyat is not tied down to any  common vision / mission.( especially  its economic vision / mission).
PAS has stated its economic vision/mission, ie a Welfare State.
PKR and DAP has yet to state their economic vision/mission that is common to all parties in their coalition.
By not having a common economic vision/mission, there will be difficulties in governing / management of the nation's economy. Common economic policies are the core values in politics,which determine the success of coalition governments.
Imagine if PAS is economically left leaning and PKR and DAP is economically right leaning. They would naturally tear the coalition apart especially if they are also at logger heads on religion race and royalty.

So, what Mr Lee Kuan Yew said is logical an intelligent advice.
My advice to Pakatan Rakyat leaders is to swallow your pride and listen with a pinch of salt to good advice by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the Grandmaster of Asian if not the world politics/economics,

My advice to voters is.."Get rid of proven super idiots/ ningkompoops as our leaders, otherwise we would have another ringgit crash.":


johan5150 said...

errr cut them water supply mr imbecile.

pak yeh said...

Dear Johan 5150,
Do that and Malaysia will be conquered by Singapore.
Singapore fighter planes have engines. Our fighter plane engines get stolen and sold off.
Our kapal selam cannot selam.

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh..."Politic is about perception and resources" And not about economic and finance as the later will come in when you manage the nation...So who are ningkompoops...small mind by saying Malaysia will be conquered by Spore what a bullss... the fighter planes engine that went missing is an useless engine till today dono what happen but is the stupidity of the Air force Chief who is a clown and became the Panglima Angkatan Tentera and agree with you if there was war during his tenure we will be trashed... Neither L K yew, Mahathir and ANwar a ningkoompoops but may be the rakyat yes!...

pak yeh said...

Anonymous said:
Neither L K yew, Mahathir and ANwar a ningkoompoops but may be the rakyat yes!...

Pak Yeh's reply :
Aiyaa! LKY is never a ningkompoop. You kantoi daa.
You cannot blame the rakyat for Dr M and Anwar's fuck up in the ringgit crash of 1998.

Only now can you say that the rakyats who still vote for UMNO/BN are ningkompoops. But majority 51% of voters (rakyat) are smart because they rejected UMNO/BN.

bumi-non-malay said...

Being too kind calling these scums ningkoompoops....including Lee Kuan Yew 1 child if you are not clever in the also run by foreigners.....fortunately better quality than malaysia....

Tun, + Sultan-Agong Sacked Singapore for a racist bigots Agenda that we should ask why??

Why not Sabah-Sarawak too....what was the EVIL Racist bigot agenda in UMNO+ Sultan and their Cult Islamic ideology....

Allah did not Bless Malaysia as a result....and its in black & white....yet Malaysian have not wise up......and the UMNO sponsored - Sulu terrorist still going on in Sabah because Sabahans WANTS to SACK Malaya and become better than Singapore......UMNO-BN dies..... and Pakatan takes over for a chance to become better Malaysia....right now with crime, sham, religious bigots...prayer room in hotel....No wonder Malaysia is on crime spreee...what of the jungle!!

pak yeh said...

Dear bumi non malay,
What do you expect from a party that Tun M said "Better to vote for the devil you know than the angel you don't"
UMNO/BN have become THE DEVIL.
But look behind the THE DEVIL and you will find Jewish/American Imperialist and 1st world neo colonizers.

Sabah and Sarawak is better off outside of Malaysia.???
I don't think so !!!
Not with your present Chief Ministers people in power. But with new revolutionary leader, yes i believe so.

bumi-non-malay said...

Dear pak yeh,

UMNO or Singapore will use whatever it takes to stifle Freedom....let it be communist, technology, Al qeada, terrorist, Islam, Jewish/American Imperialist and 1st world neo colonizers .....

We await the UMNO-Sulu Sponsored terrorist to do their thing in Kota Kinabalu....then perhaps Malaysian, Sabahnas will ask What the #$%^&* is happening..?? Why have we deteriorated to this level and time to sack Malaya agenda will start.....never mind who is MB.......we storm the Bastille and create a Better Sabah!! then States in malaysia will follow..... Ideas of Freedom and a better Life must continue to rage thru our blood..... Right Now Malaysia is in CHAOS run by thugs, terrorist, triad sponsored by UMNO-PDRM + Sultan Approval.......otherwise is this how Sultan like to see malaya daily??....60 years and getting worst until something special happens!!

pak yeh said...

Dear Bumi non bumi,
I agree Even if Sabah is overtaken by Sulus I think the economy will be better especially if it is not extreme Capitalism and cronyism. At least the oil be 100% owned by the rakyat of Sabah. But can Sabah people fight for their rights.??? They are not even willing to ask for more than 5% oil royalty. Even the 5% oil royalty does not go to the rakyat How to fight man.???

akupun said...

i agree, LKY is grandmaster in politics,excellent!

his Temasek is far more greater than any of DrM mahathir created investment arm like Renong etc.