Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Revolution Strategy pt2.2.1 : The Industrial Counter Revolution.

The British/Western Industrialisation is about Capitalism and monopoly of trade. The Industrial counter revolution is about Gandhi's "Passive Resistance" or non consumerism,non Capitalist home industries or "Community Support Industries" or Co-operatives. It is the decentralisation of industry from the hands of Capitalit Cronies and Governments to the hands of the rakyat.. It is "small is beutiful" and "rakyat frienly". It is not maximising of profits at the expence of consumer health.It is truely a "democratic industry by the people,for the people". It is a service rather than a profit maximising industry. This revolution starts with the food industry and is a boycott of Capitalism and its fraudulent paper money.It is also a boycott of UMNO/BN crony sugar and oil industries.

1) Self subsistence farming. (to boycott debt slavery as a working class hero)

2) How to make coconut sugar..(to boycott UMNO/Syed Al Bukhari's monopoly on sugar.)

3) How to make coconut oil (to boycott UMNO/Sime Darby's monopoly on palm oil.)

4) How to make biodeisel.  (to boycott UMNO/Petronas monopoly on automobile oil.)

5) How to make kaya (coconut egg jam). (to boycott consumerism and Capitalism)

6) How to make coconut butter. (to boycott consumerism and Capitalism.)

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