Sunday, October 6, 2013

Revolution Strategy pt3: John Lennon and Revolution Theory..

The vission of a Capitalist government like Malaysia is to enslave everybody with usury paper money, an abstract,false money that has a drug effect,

All schools colledges and Universities of education are geared to churn out slaves or "working class heroes". 

Note: that it is not the govenrments policy to turn the rakyat into successful farmers or bussinessman.!!! Proof UMNO/BN destroyed the Kampong Kerpan padi farmers and gave licence to Crony Al Bukhari to import rice.Thus Malay farmers were turned into factory slaves.

Crony corporations like Sharizat Cow bussiness,Toll companies,Utility companies,food/rice/sugar companies,AP car companies will be made to monopolize all bussiness.!!!
All rakyat bussiness will be closed to make way fo the crony bussiness.!!!
All rakyat will be turned into slaves or lowly paid "workung class heroes".

It is time for us to reject Capitalism, because...

1) all bussiness will be monopolized by UMNO/BN cronies and families. 

2) all rakyat will be turned into lowly paid slaves or "working class heroes".

God bless John Lennon for giving us insights into the Capitalist govenments evil plan. 
 Enjoy John Lennons revolutionary "truth" song below.

Reject Capitalist government schools.  Apprenticeship education systems are better.

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