Sunday, December 29, 2013

OutSyedTheBox's and Dr M's Stupidnomics.

 I really get upset when a US economis graduate like Syed Akbar Ali make such stupid comments that are anti minimum pay.

Every developed nation, not only gives minimum pay, but they also give social security money if you do not have a job. That is the type of country that every rakyat in the whole world wants. That would be the ideal political and economic position of every nation.

We in Malaysia are still NOT implementing minimum pay but implemeting adjusted pay due to ringgit devaluation of 1998.!!! 
Since 1998 the ringgit has devalued by 150%. Prices of goods had risen to adjust for the rnggit devaluation. yet the labors pay had not been revised or adjusted due to the ringgit devaluation.
The government has approved the minimum pay of RM900.00 This is merely the adjusted pay of RM300.00 x150% devaluation of the ringgit = RM900.00.
The real minimum pay is about RM2000.00 after adjustements due to cost of living.

OutSyedTheBox said :
For those of you who read my Blog regularly I have pointed out again and again and again that the Minimum Wage bill will create massive unemployment, especially among Malays and bumiputras It will also cause very high inflation

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Pak Yeys reply :
That is a stupid assumtion with no proof whatsoever.
The minimum pay of RM900.00 is equivalent to RM300.00 in real value immediately after the ringgit crash of 1998. The Singapore dollar, originally a Malaysian dollar is the real value of the ringgit at S$2.50 per RM1,00. It means that ouyr ringgit is 150% devalued. So to make up for the devaluation of ringgit the pay should be raised to RM900.00. this is not minimum pay but the real pay after the devaluation of the ringgit.
Remember, Mr OutSyedTheBox, the emp;loyer is not paying more salary. The emp;loyer is paying the same value of money in terms of the American dollar..
Please use your brains OutSyedTheBox.!!!
Americans used to pay RM300.00 salary before the rnggit devalied by 150%.
So after the devaluation by 159% paying RM900.00 is the same as paying R300.00 when converted to the American dollar.

I am supprised how you can omit the devaluation of the rnggit in your support for DrM's "no minimum pay" policy.
Have you graduated by giving kopi o for your degree.???
Common OutSyedTheBox All developed nations have minimum pay.lah. !!!
How can Malaysia be a developed nation without minimum pay by giving the cheapest pay??? 
Malysia would be a 3rd World failed nation, if they do not have minimum pay.!!!
You allow your people to be exploited /enslaved by Capitalis Corporations and Nations, if you do not have minimum pay.!!!
You thing paying RM300.00 will develop Malaysia. the workers.??? 
Worker payed RM300.00 dont even have enough to eat to live.!!!
Why dont you OutSyedTheBox try living on RM300.00.???
You only get monkeys and malnourished workers if you pay peanuts, without minimumpay.
Youy and Dr M are soo outdated in economics.!!!
Please go back to kindergarten to learn to count properly.!!!

Please read more of my debate with your Guru Dr Mahathir @ ...


Anonymous said...

How come you condemn "OutSyedTheBox" he claim he is the most intelligence man on earth ,every one else he regard as stupid.

The only person who understand Quran on earth ,since Quran was given to Propet Muhamad SAW ,no one had understand it correctly except him and Muslim
was mislead since Muhamad.
Pak Yeah , I see you are the first person to say him stupid ,while all this wile others has praised him though his writing could disturb one's akidah.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir only thinks that he has the answers for everything, including economics. Somebody ought to shout at him in the face that he is only good at spending other people's money extravagantly.
Was he even a good doctor?

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

OutSyedThe Box sudah jadi OutShiTheButt lah
Ini nalarekek punya cerita.
UMNO panggi UMNO clueless.
Yang betul,semua UMNO/BN pun clueless juga.
Padan muka itu SAA dan DrM.
Pak Yeh sudah sapu taik pada muka mereka.
Dua2 pegi balik Kerala lah.
Dua2 pandikutty punya politikus.

Anonymous said...

Kedua2 mungkee SAA dan Dr M lebeh ningkompop dari Anwar Ibrahim dalam hal ekonomi.Ha,ha,ha.
Ini kerana Anwar setuju dengan minimum pay walaupun dalah hal lain dia maseh ningkompop.
Kedua2 mungkee kasi malu semua Keling daa. Ha,ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh. You certainly have put them (UMNO/BN and their stupidnomics) in their places.
Your previous article have unveiled that subsidi is but a hoax to increase taxes.
That makes you the best economist in Malaysia. Even Sakmongkol another great economist had not done what you have done.
Thank you very much for helping the rakyat see through UMNO/BN's con job economics.

Anonymous said...

Mamak Kutty (DrM)dengan Mamaka Pedukang (Syed Akbar Ali) memang jenis Haji Bakhil lah.
Depa lagi kedekut dari yahudi.

Depa pi rumah orang mitak makan free saja.
Bila kita pi rumak depa, depa bagi makan basi, recycle punya.
!5 tahun tidak ada gaji minima selepas ringgit jatuh 150%. Berapa billion sudah Mamak2 ini tipu pekerja2.?
Depa ni lagi bisa dari ulaK tudung sedok. Jadi kalau jumpa ulaK tudung senduk dengan Mamak2 ni pukoi Mamak2 tu dulu. Itu petua Melayu yang otak geliga.

Zainal said...

While you folks are told to tighten your belts, FLOM will celebrate New Year in Las Vegas in the most expensive way possible for any human being on earth. 220 bottles of Champagne with her name engraved on the label will be given to all her guests at the celebration.
In other countries FLOM would have been executed, flogged or put behind bars.

The Champagne cost US$1.2 m.
Just woder who paid for it.

Najib memang tak sensitive dengan penderitaan raayat.

Anonymous said...

Only stupid will feel his akidah disturb... Nak buek cemano blaja x habes