Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Questions for Christians.

1) Did Jesus pray to "one god" or "3 in 1 Trinity god" explicitly.???
2) Did Jesus say "I am god therefore worship me" explicitly.???
3) Was Jesus sent as a Messiah for the Jews or for the non Jews.??? Why did he call non Jews dogs.???
4) Did Jesus say he will suffer for the original sin of Adan and Eve and the sins of Christians who believe in him.???
5) If Jesus got killed by Romans on the cross, how can he be god.???
6) If Jesus prayed to a god, how can he be god.???
7) The Bible Old Testamet God is a 1 god. Proof Isaih 43:10,11,12"I am the only god.There is no god before and after me.There is no Savior except me."  If the Gospel written by Greek Apostles preach a 3 in 1 Trinity God,then it cannot be the god of the Old Testament Bible. Who then is telling a lie.???


akupun said...

salam pakyeh,
apsal fb pakyeh tak leh masuk dah?

pak yeh said...

Fb minta id penoh. Aku tak mau bagi. Jadi stop kat situ aje la.