Monday, March 5, 2018

Shariah Law "Kill the Apostate" is a Terrorist Law and Contradicts Q2:256.

The killing of apostates are 1) a method of terrorising and frightewning Muslims from becoming apostates, 2) a method of killing your political oponents whether they are truly apostate or not.This was used by the Caliph Muawiyah to kill all of the prophet Mohamad's family and their followers.That was certainly not Islam althought he called himself the Calyph of Islam. It is in my opinion, Arabism or Satanism.

Since then so called Islamic governments have Islamized the "Kill the apostate hadith law" and made it an Islamic Shariah Law even though it is contradictory to Islam of the Quran where Allah said in Q2:256 "There is no COMPULSION in religion".Logically and clearly it means that you cannot use any form of force or cohesion to convert people to Islam or to prevent them from leaving Islam.
The hadith Ulamas always say that Q2:256 only applies when converting people to Islam and not applicable to people who leave Islam.
That is what they say even thouh what they say contradicts Allah on Q2:256. By doing that they have made the hadith of "kill the apostate" over rule and abrogated the Quran Q2:256 "Thereis no compulsion in religion".. That means that the hadith Ulamas are their god and not Allah. That makes them KAFIR.

Sadly, that explaons the reason behind the killing of Muslms by Muslims throughout history.
Politicians have found a way to have what they want in a religion by corrupying it. The changed the Islamic Law according to the Quran into the Islamic Law  or Shariah Law of the hadit ignoring the Qura and contradicing it wherever it suits them selves,

Research on the hadith reveals that 1) the hadirh is written by NON EYE WITNESSES who lived 200 years after the prophet died.
2)by nature stories or hadith by NON EYE WITNESSES are not acceptable as TRUTH in ant ourt of Law. How acn you say that Mohamad ordered the killing of apostates when you did not see it for yourself.???

So therein lies the corruption of Islam by including UNTRURH or FALSEHOOD, GOSIP AND HEARSAY OF THE HADITH into the religion of Islam.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Our Rights, Freedom and Democracy Violated.???

Are your rights, freedom and demo violated by the government??? Learn from the Rights Heroes.

 1) Malcolm X.

2) Gandhi


Monday, February 5, 2018

Alledged Contradictions in the Quran.

Pak Yeh: Let me show you a few contradictions of Quran
1)It took 6 days God to create the heavens and the earth Sura 7:54, 10:3 Vs 8 days: 41:9 2days to create Earth, 41:10 4days mountains 41:12 2 days heavens =8 days

2) God's day is = 1000 human days (22:47) Vs God's day is = 50,000 human days (70:4)
3) Allah does not forgive worshiping other gods (shirk) 4:48 Vs Allah forgave worshiping other gods 4:153
4) Did Allah created earth first? 2:29 Heaven first 79:27-30.
5) Man was created from Blood clot 96:2, Water 21:30, Clay 15:26, Dust 3:59, Nothing 19:67 Earth 11:61
6) Can Allah be seen? Yes 53:10, No 6:102
7) Did Maccans received warners (prophets) before? No 28:46, Yes 2:125
8) What will be the food in the heaven?Thorns/Dhari 88:6, one's own puss 88:6, Special Hell Fruit/Zaqqum 37:66
9)Will Allah reward good deeds of non believers? No 9:17 Yes 99:7
10) Is there compulsion in the religion? No 2:156 Yes 9:29 Kill appostate (al Bukhari)
11) Who will judge humans? Muhammad 5:109; Allah 2:143
12) Where does grace comes from? Allah 57:29; Muhammad 9:74
13) Does only Allah forgive sins? Yes 3:135, Muhammad does 4:64, and 33:36

14) Does Allah share powers with others? Yes 3:26 No 17:111

15) Which was created first? Earth 2:29, 41:9, Heaven 79:27-30
16)Does Satan mislead Muslims? Yes 7:16 and No 38:82
17) Who was the First Muslim? Muhammad 6:14/39:12, Moses 7:143, Abraham 2:132, Adam 3:33, Some Egyptians 26:51
18) Go figure it out your self because your Allah says 4:82 Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other Than Allah, they would surely have found therein Much contradictions/discrepancy(that means it will be without any contradiction that means Math book, Science book etc written by men are without discrepancy and is from the god?


Pak Yeh's reply.

1) Q7:54. & Q10:3 Allah created the "heavens n the earth" in "sittah ayamin" (6 epuch/periods when there is no sun, days or nights)
Q10:3 Allah created the "heavens (samawati) and the earth (ard)" in 6 periods (sittah ayamin) or epoch/periods when there is no sun and no days and nights)
Q41:9 Allahh created the earth (ard) in yawmani (days when there is a sun days and nights)
Q41:10 Allah created the mountain n its sustainance in 4 ayamin (periods when there is no sun and no days or nights).
Q41:12 Allah created the heavens in yawmani (days unspecified)
Conclusion ;You cannot add the number of aayamin (period0 and yawmani (days0 to give you 8 days as they both mean different things.

2) Q22 :47 1 day = 1000 = years = the measurement for punishment of evil does.
Q70:4 1 day = 50,000 years = the mesurement for the angels n spirits to accend to Allah.
Conclusion : Diffent context have different measurements.
Conclusion :There is no contradiction in these 2 verses.

3) Q4:48 is a LAW that Allah does not forgive the sin of shirk but of course he forgive them if they repent before they die. That is how you use your btain to understand a law.
Q4:153 Allah only forgave those shirk people that repent. Those shirk people that did not repent were killed by Moses and his people.
Conclusion : there is no contradiction in those verses.

4) The 2 verses describe the process of the earth and its contents being created first and then the 7 layers of the sky over it. It is not the same as the whole universe he created.
ConclusionSo there is no contradiction in the 2 vwrses..

5)Allah created all things out of nothing and can creat things out of anything. There is no illogic or contradiction
in those verses.
Conclusion : There is no contradiction in all of the verses.

6) Q53;10. Allah. revealation is always by his angel or his mesenger. the verse did not sat that you can see allak.
Conclusion : There is no contradiction in Q53:10 and Q6:102.

7) There is no word "warner' the the verse 2:125 and it did not talk about Moses.
Conclusion. No contradiction bcos you wrongly quoted the irrelavant verses.

8) The veres were all talking about hell and not heaven.
Conclusion. No contradiction bcos an idiot gave the wrong verses.

9)Q9:17 talks about hellfire for disbelievers. Q99:7 talkes about the accounting system of good deeds and bad deeds.
Conclusion.: There is no contradiction in the verses.

10) Q2L156 does not talk about no compusion in religion. Q2:256 says there is no compulsion in religion. This idiot mis quoted the surah numbers. Q9:29 talks about war. Other verses of the Quran says to make peace when others ask for peace. The Bukhari hadis is not Quran. You are supposed to prove that the Quran contradicts itsrlf.

11) Q5:109 says Allah judges all after death. Q2:143 is not about judgmet but about the Qiblah or direction of prayer.
Conclusion : There is no contradiction in the 2 verses as each talk about different things. The guy misquoted the surah.

12)Q57:29 talks about Allah giving grace. Q9;74 does not say that Mohamad can give grace.
Conclusion Q9:74 does not contradict Q57:29.

13)Q4:64 does not say that Mohamad fogave peoples sin. It say Mohamad asked Allah to forgive their sin. Q33:36 does not say Mohamad forgive sin.Conclusion. There is no contradictions in the verses quoted.

14) I see no contradiction in Q3:26 and Q17:111.Both state only Allah has the poere and should be worshiped.
Conclusion:There is no contradiction in the 2 verses.

15) Q2:29 talks abot all buildind the earth and its contents and then creating the 7 layers of the skay.Q79:27-30 talks about the eart but does not talk about the heavens.
Conclusion : There is no contradiction in the 2 verses.

16)Q7:16 says that satan say he will miss lead people. But Q38:82 says Satan does that only by Allah's power.
the 2 verses does not contradict each other.

17) According to the verses quoted, each prophet is the fist believers in their own community.
Conclusion.: There is no contradiction between any of the verses.

18) After debating all the points the truth is...There is no contradiction in the Quran.
As por Math historically there were lots of mistakes such as i) the zero was not inveted. ii) the Roman numeral was not acceptable in Math. So too is science. What was correct in the past is proven incorrect as they keep mproving by doing more research.


So mt dear imu70. Stop lying about Islam. Go do research on your own religion Christainity whish is a Sun God mytholigy or a fictional god and that your Gospels are a forgery.
besides Bart Ehrman said that the Gospels are a forgery.
Here is the proof....

Monday, October 23, 2017

Bullshit n Contradictions in the Bible.

1) Ezekiel 23:20 "She lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were kihe those of donleys ane whose emmission was like that of horses."
Hahaha. Good one. According to the Bible Christian women lust after man with donkey sized dicks with horse like enmission.??? And if you cant find that in man you do it with a donkeys eh.??? Hahaha. That is extreme Pornography and Beastiality in the Bible. The Bible must be the word of Satan. Hahaha.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Origunal Aramaic Injil /Gospel written by Barnabas found.

Wonder why the original Aramaic Gospels are not found.???
The Romans destroyed it because the Greek Gospels teach a mythology Man-God and son of God copied from the mythology of Osiris, Mithra, Krishna, Romulus and several  others. The existence of Roman government control and CENSOSHIP or cannonisation by Emperor Constantine and the Nicean Creed of Pagan and Polythiest Priests is also proof that the original message of Jesus in Aramaic was destroyed and their followers murdered.