Monday, March 5, 2018

Shariah Law "Kill the Apostate" is a Terrorist Law and Contradicts Q2:256.

The killing of apostates are 1) a method of terrorising and frightewning Muslims from becoming apostates, 2) a method of killing your political oponents whether they are truly apostate or not.This was used by the Caliph Muawiyah to kill all of the prophet Mohamad's family and their followers.That was certainly not Islam althought he called himself the Calyph of Islam. It is in my opinion, Arabism or Satanism.

Since then so called Islamic governments have Islamized the "Kill the apostate hadith law" and made it an Islamic Shariah Law even though it is contradictory to Islam of the Quran where Allah said in Q2:256 "There is no COMPULSION in religion".Logically and clearly it means that you cannot use any form of force or cohesion to convert people to Islam or to prevent them from leaving Islam.
The hadith Ulamas always say that Q2:256 only applies when converting people to Islam and not applicable to people who leave Islam.
That is what they say even thouh what they say contradicts Allah on Q2:256. By doing that they have made the hadith of "kill the apostate" over rule and abrogated the Quran Q2:256 "Thereis no compulsion in religion".. That means that the hadith Ulamas are their god and not Allah. That makes them KAFIR.

Sadly, that explaons the reason behind the killing of Muslms by Muslims throughout history.
Politicians have found a way to have what they want in a religion by corrupying it. The changed the Islamic Law according to the Quran into the Islamic Law  or Shariah Law of the hadit ignoring the Qura and contradicing it wherever it suits them selves,

Research on the hadith reveals that 1) the hadirh is written by NON EYE WITNESSES who lived 200 years after the prophet died.
2)by nature stories or hadith by NON EYE WITNESSES are not acceptable as TRUTH in ant ourt of Law. How acn you say that Mohamad ordered the killing of apostates when you did not see it for yourself.???

So therein lies the corruption of Islam by including UNTRURH or FALSEHOOD, GOSIP AND HEARSAY OF THE HADITH into the religion of Islam.

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