Friday, November 28, 2008

All Religions Unite ! ! !

O you who are Christians,Muslims,Jews,Hindus and Bhuddist,
You say you worship the One God,
You say you do good and forbid evil,
You speak as one,And yet you fight each other.
Do you not understand what you say ?

Cease and decease the cruel thoughts from the devil,
That say you are better hollier,
Religions are percentages of the Truth,
But understanding is also in percentages,
What good is a religion thats 100%,
If your understanding is 10%,
Many a religion started with 100%,bur ended at 10 %.
Its not the books that have changed
But it is the interpretations that have changed.
The teachings were all pure good.
But the intention were not..

There is none more fair than the concept of heaven and hell of Hindus and Bhuddists,
I would accuse God of being unfair to me if I was a cripple.
Unless I be reincarnated,perfect.
Do you not see how logical reincarnation is ?
Leave them to continue thier logical religion,
They are "the people of the book"

You say you worship one God,
Yet you worship your prophets besides God.
Have you not made Jesus equal to God ?
Have you not made the books of the Ulamas equal to the Quran ?
Have you not made the Thalmud equal to the Torah ?
You say you do not worship idols
Then why the cross and the cube,and the race ?

There is equality in all religions,
There is similiarities in all religions
Take the good in all religions,
Leave the bad in all religions.
Say religion are percentages of the Truth,
Say Man is also percentages of the Truth.
Say your mission is to do good and forbid evil.
Are we not similar in mission ?
Dont we pray to the same God ?
Why then cant we unite ?

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