Friday, January 30, 2009

Heroes of Merdeka.

Who are actually the heroes of Merdeka ?Is it Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tok Janggut, Mat Salleh,Rosli Dobi,Chin Peng, Rashid Maidin, Burhandin Hilmi ? A research of the historical evidence 10 years before Merdeka would reveal a totally different perspective to what the British want us to believe. Those that were really the heroes were either imprisoned under ISA killed under Emergency Laws or pushed or shipped out of the country.
As with Independence/Merdeka all over the world the British made sure that the people given their Independence are their proxys. It ensured the continuation of their Companies,their riba/usury paper money and Capitalist economic systems and culture. World Imperialism in the form of Kafirnomics (making money out of no money) is alive and kicking.


kiefer said...

relly good post man. enlightenment. nice blog

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pak Yeh for the education. So many unsung heroes from all races. They are the true heroes.

Me and my family will never forget their contribution to the people.

May God bless them all,
Admiral Tojo

pak yeh said...

Helo Admiral Tojo,
Thanks for your visit here.Are you the Admiral Tojo at Malaysia Today?
I read your post,espacially the debate with Rahman Celcom or is it Rahman Rectum ?
Anyway I like freedom of opinion so long as its is logical and intellectual,although clerics/Ulamas disallow debates and philosophy,which contradicts the Quran 39:18"Listen to all views.Choose the best.These are the guided,the intelligent"