Thursday, February 26, 2009

Proof of Kafirnomics(usury/riba of Banks and paper money)

The basis of our economics is usury or riba,that is the making of money out of no money.Historically a Bank holds your real money (gold)in exchange for notes which are equivalent to intigral units of your real money.However the Banks saw an opportunity to make use of money deposited to lend it to others.Since paper money is easily produced the lending of other peoples money to other people was expanded nine times over or more.This creation of money, nine times more than actual money is what is called riba/usury created through the use of paper money by the Bankers.Only Bankers with the colaboration of Governments of nations are able to create this imaginary money nine times over the real money deposited in banks.
It is this creation of money out of no money that creates an immence advantage of Bankers over all other people and nations.It is this immence power brought about this riba/usury that is able to colonise every nation in this world.

But this economics is fobidden for the Jews, Christians and the Muslims as clearly stated in thier holy books.Yet no Rabi,Priests, and Ulamas has voiced against it except some individuals such as Ezra Pound,and organisations such as Zietgeist and the Murabituns.We are therefore stuck with an economy that God has fobidden and therefore doomed to go to hell, unless we have an alternative economics, one that God permits, one that is free of riba/usury,false and imaginary money.

Please click on the link below for further proof of the riba/usury of Banks and paper money.

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