Thursday, March 5, 2009

Detachment of religious people

This rock song is speaking the truth about those that preach and practice religion . Preachers and practitioners of religion have somehow neglected that they have to solve the problem and not just preach and be preached on how to solve the problems of 1) war , 2) economic exploitation of the poor by the rich, 3) environmental degradation, 4) corruption in politics etc.

The critic by Karl Marx that religion is an opium of the people is true in that religion gives hope in the hereafter rather than this world, and that religion has not solved the problem of the poor being exploited by the rich.Religion has co-operated with the rich instead, and is seen as unable to solve economic problems. At present The Banking system enslaves governments and everyone with debts more than nine times over..refer my artical "Proof of Kafirnomics"

The exception here is the prophet Mohammad during his time .He was able to create a revolution that brought a classless economics of non slavery and non usury/riba. But the religion hencefoth has not solved the economic problems of the people, as everywhere people are enslaved by the Banking system and the class system and the poor is exploited by the rich Bankers,Monachs and pseudo Democratic leaders.

The separation of religion from state for certain religions, and appearing neutral in political developments are not helping to creat a changes for the better.
As for the Muslims,the enslavement of the Ulamas by their goverments via their employment is seen as the corruption of the Ulama institution if ever there should be one.

So listen to some constructive criticism by a rock group, and hopefully we can make the right changes.


akupun blog said...

tt apehal? dah takleh masuk..

Rezuan Asrah said...

hi Pak Yeh, band apa dalam video tu?

pak yeh said...

Salam akupun,
Gue kurang pasti kenape tt tutup.Kean tanya astora.
Gue tak boleh masuk blog akupun.Tolong beri adress baru.

pak yeh said...

Salam Rezuan,
Saya kurang pasti nama band.

Farouk A. Peru said...

Salaamun alaik Pak Yeh,

Comment ni bukan dituju kepada article 'detachment of religious people' tapi kepada comment Pak Yeh kepada article saya di:

Terima kasih banyak2 di atas comment Pak Yeh. Frasa 'Islamic non-Muslim' terutamanya, frasa yang begitu penuh ironi tapi benar.

Farouk A. Peru

pak yeh said...

Terima kaseh Farouk A. Peru,
Komen awak sangat bermaana pada saya.