Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monopoly of the word Allah, Trillah and Islam.

This bruhaha about using the word Allah in the Christian Malay language publication is making fools and laughing stock out of every body.

Allah is an Arabic word for One God. If the Christian publication uses Allah in an Arab Christian publication the the use is very well justified.But why use the word Allah for a Malay language Christian publication ??? Is there an "udang di sebalik batu". Why dont you use the Malay word "Tuhan" for God.??? Besides the Muslim word of Allah means One God, however the Christian have 3 Gods. Shouldn't Christians call their God Trillah then ???Isnt it being silly fighting to call your God One God when you have 3 Gods. ???

However I feel it is wrong for Malay Muslims to monopolise the Arab word Allah which did not belong to them.Besides AlQuran 2:256 "There is no compulsion in religion" is proof enough that Allah tells us not to tell other people what to do with there religion.

I dont mind Christians using the word Allah though, because it is their freedom to do so. I can then debate with Christian on the real meaning of the word Allah. .
I can say Allah is 1 God and not" 3 God that is equal to 1 God".
The Trinity says ( 1 God + 1 God + 1 God = 1 God ).
I would say "Oops Christians,your Mathematics is wrong ( 1 God + 1 God + 1 God = 3 Gods ).
You would probably say. " God dont know Mathematics ".

Ha,ha,ha.Sorry I just dont understand the Mathematic of Trinity.Maybe Christians can enlighten me. I love the "love" in the Christian teachings though. I do practice Christian "love" too. In fact I am a Christian whithout the trinity. The Christian religion is Islam without the trinity. Jesus was is a prophet of Islam. That makes the Christian religion without the belief in trinity Islam too. Our God is unity instead of trinity and diversity. For unitys sake I would encourage Christians to call themself Islam too. Muslims got no monopoly over the word Islam too. After all Jesus is a prophet of Islam who did not say God is 3. The trinity concept is but a dogma by the priests to make illogical what is logical and to de-educate the masses into submission. Just remove the trinity and the religion would be logical and Islam.

May all religions unite under the banner of Islam and Allah !!!
Heed my call to unite in my article/prose .."All Religions Unite". Read my other articles "the concept of sin","tne concept of the Messiah"...all on this blog.

Salam to all Islamic people who are Muslims,Jews,Christians,Hindus, Bhuddist.
Lets unite under the banner of Islam and Allah,the God of all religions,philosophys etc.Lets pray to the Creator of all that you see and cannot see.

The video below is a hillarious method in defending the concept of Trinity.


Anonymous said...

Interesting video clip. Makes sense to me. All religion are the same and have the same problem like the one highlighted by the video.

Religion is essentially cult and needs to be put in a more liberal manner (Some people can't live without religion, so we can't disappoint them. :-))or taken out altogether.

Anonymous said...

Formula of Trinity :-

1 X 1 X 1 = 1.

Anonymous said...

Formula of Trinity :-

1 X 1 X 1 = 1

pak yeh said...

You are right there Anonymous.
However, 1x1x1x1x1x1x1...till infinity is also = 1.
Therefor God is infinity/everything by this method.
So is phanteism true ? Read the Quran and u will know if its true.

Anonymous said...

My dear Pak Yeh

First and foremost, I would like you to know that I am a Muslim Arab and a Malaysian. Yes, I chose not to be classified as 'Bumiputra Melayu' because I am proud of the fact that my ancestor built the Temple to which you take as your 'kibla' when you perform your daily prayers. And I am also proud of my language.

I would like to state that Malays are not the native speakers of the Arabic Language and Malays REFUSED to embrace Arabic Language despite the enormous vocabularic contents Arabic has upon Bahasa Melayu (60%). As such, you Malays do not have any LEGAL RIGHTS to determine the usage of a language that is not yours to begin with.

When you reject the Arabic Language, you become JAHIL as you are unable to understand Islam completely and in its entirety. One proof of this is that MOST Malays don't even know that the Arabs contributed only ONE prophet when compared to the Bani Israel. Another proof is that you will all swear that Prophet Mohamed is the founder of Islam when in fact, the founder is Prophet Abraham who built the Temple in Mecca.

Malays DO NOT have proprietory rights over Islam as much as you want to believe. The God of Abraham CHOSE to reveal his Laws in Hebrew (through the Taurat, Zaboor & Injil) and in Arabic (through the Quran).

The prophets that came after Abraham (through Isaac) are all from Bani Israel with the exception of Mohamed. So, you Malays need to explain where is your blood link to the Bani Israel before you start to monopolise Islam?

It might be good for you to note the following:
1. The period before Prophet Mohamed, the Arabian Peninsula had TWO religions (Judaism & Christianity)
2. Khadijah Bint Khuwayled (Prophet Mohamed's 1st wife) was a Christian.
3. Maria Bint Shama'on (another wife) was a Christian also.
4. Prophet Mohamed had TWO Jewish wives (Saffiya Bint Sheikh Huwayy and Rayhana Bint Zayd).
5. During the early prophethood of Prophet Mohamed, Arabs were either Christians or Jewish in their faith. The Arabs in Malaysia (whom you included as Bumiputra Melayu) are descendants of Jews. Read Sura An-Naml Verse 23-44.
6. The words TRINITY and HOLY SPIRIT are also found in the Quran. Yet you Malays have the opinion that Arabic is a severely inferior language.
7. All your so called 'Nama2 Melayu' have Arabic & Jewish origin (especially Bin and Binte, which is common amongst Arabs and Jews then). So, where is your original 'Nama2 Melayu'?

What I am trying to say is very simple. When it comes to a word that is Arabic in origin, leave it to the Arabs to determine the CORRECT usage. Do not make a fool of yourselves. I have for years agreed with the Chinese that Malays in Malaysia are suffering from severe BRAINFART.

The pain hurts. Yes. You Malays made a mockery of all Muslims with your own INSENSITIVITY and UTTER IGNORANCE not to mention ARROGANCE.

pak yeh said...

Oh my! A Malysian Arab.Arab were once the superior race. Ya.ya!! Huray!. But nowadays they about the most stupidest race.They follow their masters, The Jewish Bankers,British and American colonisers like cows led by their noses.You have been occupied and bullied by Israel,and no Arab nation is doing anything about it.
You have lost your religion to others.Your Islam is not Islam anymore but the hadis religion.

I dont give a f--k if Christians use the word Allah or not, but a Malay language Christian publication shouldn't be using the word Allah.They should be using the Malay word "Tuhan" instead.
Besides Christians belief in 3 Gods, but Allah is one God.The Christians are corrupting the word Allah.You an Arab dont know about this? Shame on you!

1)We do not refuse to learn the Arab language. Its just that the Ulama prefer to keep us stupid so as the government can fool us.

2)Contrary to what you say,we have legal rights to Islam and the use of the word Allah more than you. You Arabs destroyed Islam .Your Islam is nothing but the Hadis religion.You Arabs have created a false Islam.The word of Bukhari Muslim have contradicted and over ruled the Quran.Muslims are likened to the Mafia organisation.You are allowed to enter,but if you leave you will be killed.Thats why Syiah and sunnis keep killing each other.

3)Again I stress we do not reject the Arab language.Its just that the Ulamas did not teach us the language.Its a way of keeping us,the rakyat stupid.But inspite of the handicap our understanding of Islam via our Malay language is somtimes better than you Arabs.

4)Contrary to what you say,we know that there is only one Arab prophet of Islam, and we also know that the one God religion and perhaps the word Allaha or Ellahi was by the prophet Abraham.But Islam existed even before prophet Abraham.And ,yes we know that Abraham built the Kaabah.

5)Propriety rights over Islam ? What bullshit.You Arabs destroyed the real Islam.Thats why the Monggols,then the Turk then the British ruled you.Shame on you! Propriety rights and monopoly of Islam my foot.Nobody including us Malays can claim that.

6)Hey,hey. Who is making a mockery of Islam.Its the Arabs,not the Malays.Our Ulama learned stupid things from Arabs.Now we Malays have to undo this stupid things such as the use of lahwal hadis,refer AlQuran 36:6 "Some people use lahwal hadis to mislead others from the straight path(Islam),without knowledge,and make a mockery of it(Islam)"

This is proof that the Arab Ulamas have used vain/lahwal hadis to mislead others and make a mockery of Islam.Shame on you Arabs.

No Arab shall be my leader anymore.You Arabs sucks.Just look at Abdullah Badawi and Syed Hamid Albar. Using ISA is totally unIslamic and unDemocratic.Using riba Banks and paper money is contradicting the Quran too.

Anonymous said...

My dear Pak Yeh

Thank you for your reply.

The God of Abraham bestowed upon Isaac (and his progeny) wisdom and upon Ishmael (and his progeny) humility. If you consider Arabs as stupid, you are not far from the truth BUT the 'so-called' stupid Arabs have proven themselves far superior than all your educated Malays combined: The Arabs could produce Mohamed El-Baradei (Director General of IAEA) and Carlos Ghassan (President of Nissan Motors Company Ltd.). The list could go on but two is enough for today.

Islam itself is testimony of the incompetence and irrelevance of the Malays. All the achievements of all of your educated Malays on both sides of the Causeway cannot match the achievement of a single UNEDUCATED ILLITERATE Arab, who 1400 years ago, without the benefit of all the available technologies today, singlehandedly persuaded the entire Arabian Peninsula to move ‘step-by-step’ and accept the Quran as the Final of Four Revelations. He did all that in slightly over 20 years and he produced a book so highly eloquent in its vocabulary and linguistic content that until today no Arab Linguist can match! And you Malays think that you are nation of achievers when you cannot even persuade the non-Muslims to accept Islam for hundreds of years???

Lest you forget, you Malays are descendants of Toyol worshippers, swine breeders and swine eaters! Babi Guling was your #1 cuisine until Islam came to Nusantara and yet you all still think that you are all cleaner and purer than the Jews??? Why don’t you count how many Israelite prophets are exalted in the Quran???? For the record, Arabs and Jews abstained from consuming pork since the time of Abraham! No, you Malays will never be better than the Chinese; they have the honour of their nation being mentioned by the Messenger of God in the hadith – ‘Seek knowledge even as far as China’!

I am happy to note that you will never allow another Arab to be your leader. Frankly, I will be SINGING WITH JOY FROM THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN if you can remove their Bumiputra Rights immediately and permanently. I did mention that Arabs in Malaysia are descendants of Jews .

Oh, by the way, perhaps you should check with the BIN LADEN family as to the origin of Mizan's ancestors!

pak yeh said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for the rapport. You admit yourself that Arabs nowadays are stupid.The insignificant examples you give might be Jews instead of Arabs.Arabs cant even manufacture bicycles. At least Malaysia manufacture cars.Ha,ha,ha.One up there.
Besides you still give examples of Arab superiority in the past. Stop being in denial.Arabs are stupid at present, so accept it and try to change.
Read my next article on the Stupid and unIslamic Arab leaders we have in Malaysia.I hope you can understand Malay being a Malaysian. If you dont then that makes you s====d.
I hope you dont mind my calling a spade a spade, my brother in Islam.A dose of reality is good for you.

Guest said...

please delete your joke of a blog. you are a disgrace to your race and religion. this blog is the epitome of malay stupidity. you do realise you're protesting the usage of a word that isnt even your language to start of with. i agree with anonymous. and what nonsense is this: malaysians make cars? BULLSHIT. the technology was imported. transfer technology. and still there's not enough local uptake to support it. thats why the proton cars are so shitty. so please get your facts right. what the hell are you so proud of. you still havent accomplished anything significant. and bravo on the burning of the churches. never thought you ppl would sink that low. its disgusting.