Friday, April 17, 2009

Kafirnomics vs Islamnomics

To understand what is Kafirnomics we must understand what is kafir.A kafir is a person that is unable to see and undestand the truth due to coverings over his eye.
The fist covering over a person that makes him a kafir is the inabilty for a person to see, understand, and reject Capitalism, the economic philosophy of "making the rich become richer while the poor is made poorer".
The second veil over a persons eye is the philosophy of "False Money"{paper,plastic,bonds,interest,debts,Federal Banking system etc), that also makes the rich richer and the poor poorer by excessive printting of money and manipulating its value by the mecahnism of demand and supply instead of the mechanism of the gold standard.

Kafirnomics is the term I coin to describe the Imperialism of world economics based on "money made out of no money".It is the anti-thesis of what Islamnomics(a morals based economy devoid of riba/usury/money made out of no money) as described in the holy books of the Jews, Christians and the Muslims.

Riba/usury/"Money made out of no money" has two meanings.
1)Money that is made out of material that is not money(paper,plastics etc).
2)The Banking system that can manufacture,manage and mismanage paper money according to its own whims and fancy,thus causing inflation and the devaluation of the paper money,thus cheating the people and rendering them poorer as the years go by.

The prime motif of such Banking Institutions is the enrichment of the Bank owners and creators of false money in the form of paper money. It is also one of the systems to make the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, which is the philosophy of Capitalism, the economics of GREED.
In a way it is the shifting of wealth from those that own wealth to those that do not own the wealth but has the ability to create false money.
It is also Neo-Colonisation or Imperialism of countries throughout the world by means of debt creation,the same way money lenders enslave their borrowers.

Paper money is termed false money because paper is of little value and it can be easily created in limitless amounts by man. The use of false money and Capitalism the philosophy of greed is threfore termed Kafirnomics.

Real money (gold) however is created by God and can only be created by God,and thus Islamnomics is the economics of non greed/Socialism and real/gold money.

Therefore since every country on this earth is supportng and is supported by this Kafirnomics system, it is apt to say that the whole world has been ensnared/colonised/imperialised and conned by the "false money makers" and "money lenders". The "false money makers and money lenders" are thefore the Kings of the world replacing the real money(gold) maker which is God Himself.
And when God the creator of real money is replaced by man the creator of false money(paper),we have become shirik,meaning "associating gods with God" and that makes us a kafir,meaning "veiled from the truth".
A person that instead of worshipping "One God"(Allah)and His Islamnomics,ascribes other gods called "the false money makers and money lenders" with their Kafirnomics is but a kafir.

Therefore,can we change from Kafirnomics to Islamnomics???
Yes we can!!! Only if we elect a government that will listen to us like what a true Democracy should be. A govenment that ISA its people,manipulates the SPR, the Judiciary, the Police and is steals money from the rakyat is but the devil's government.

Lets elect Gods goverment instead of the devils government!!!
Lets implement Islamnomics instead of Kafirnomics!!!


moloyue said...

simple, vote 4 PAS. the only islamic party.

pak yeh said...

Saya setuju, tapi PAS perlu tingkatkan Islamnomics nya.Apa guna negara Islam kalau ramai tiada makan dan terpaksa hijrah ke negara nonIslam untok cari makan.