Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Devil in Disguise - Elvis Presly's Philosophy

Before we get into a philosophical debate on what is the devil, lets listen to the song Devil in Disguise by Elvis Presley. Please click the youtube link below :-

Yeah,yeah, very nice song indeed ! But what does it mean ? Who or what is the devil ? Elvis didn't say its a girl.

At warongpakyeh,we drink coffee, tea, listen to music, and talk philosophy, politics,economics and Truth!

Who or what is the devil ? That is the question !

Ordinary people sees it unidimentional, but others can see multi dimentional meanings or intuitions in the scriptures that they study and analyse.So lets study and analyse the scripture by Elvis Presley

This Devil, is it a girl? A man ? (No! I'm not gay), or is it any person male female or hermaprodite. The truth is it more than what meets the eye.
The meaning is more aligorical than literal. You have to become a Guru,Syeikh,Lama etc before you can understand all the meanings.You have to have the inner eye to be able to see behind the curtains that hide the truth.

Yeah,yeah the sripture is Gods words so refer to the scriptures for the meaning of the devil. But the world is also Gods words. Wisdom is what you get while learning from others. Learning never stops and we learn everything from everyone we meet.

Ok lets go deeper into the meaning of the devil.
From the scriptures we learn that the Devil is made out of fire but nobody have seen the devil in the form of fire.

A woman who listens to the song will say it is a man who cheats on her. A man likewise will say it is a woman who cheats on him. But basically it is someone who ....acts like an angel...talks like an angel... but who is not an angel...but a devil in disguise. This can mean other than a love affair.

The Devil is actually someone who cheats on you.Yeah. The Devil is everywhere in the form of someone who cheats.
It can be someone who cheats in a politics. It can be someone like Pak Lah who promised anti corruption but did not deliver at all.It can be the Mammak Kutty who over spent rakyats money and caused the value of money to drop like shit,thus making us 2,4 times poorer than Singaporeans.

Yeah they act like an angel when they want your votes. But once they get elected they forget and sometimes abuse you with devilish Laws such as ISA and Sedition Act,inflation,high price of Toll,water,electricity etc,etc,etc. Its like some MP, ADUN, Police or Judge who cheats on the rakyat.
Yeah,yeah. These people... act like an angel,...talk like an angel but actually are the "Devil in Disguise". They represent the devil shimself(a homoprodite word).

Having studied and analysed who these "Devils in Disguise" is,it is therefore haram/forbidden by Allah and by any other God to vote these people who...looks like and angel,..talk like and angel.. but who are actually "Devils in Disguise".

This verily is the fatwa of Pak Yeh the "Grand Moopti" of Truth and Freedom! Heh,heh.Joking only lah !

Where else can you find a Moopti who talks of Truth and Freedom in this world.All the Government Moopti's throughtout the world, who have been bought with a monthly salary by the government would never voice against the "Devils in Disguise".

Peace to every good citizens all over the world who fights the "Devils in Disguise" for Truth,Justice,Freedom. Amen!

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