Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama working for murderers ? : Proof of Kafirnomics pt2

It was reported on youtube that President Obama wants to ban / criminalise orgamic farming and farmers. What kind of shit is this black messiah churning now ?
This strenghtens my feeling that American Presidents are nothing but puppets or proxies of Zionist,Bankers and rich conglomerates. Dr M was right when he said America is Israel's proxy.

The conglomerate Obama is working for is Monsanto and several other poisonous pesticides manufacturers that murdered insects,animals and humans throught the world.Obama also wants to nationalise and globalise agriculture.This can be a good thing, except it is for monopolising non organic agriculture and growing genetically modified foods that is meant to monopolise GE food production and further kill,insects,animals and all small holder organic farmers and slowly killing all of us all over the world.

This is the grand plan of the Zionist. Food,Banks,paper money machines,petrol,oil palm,other bussinesses and everything else shall be monopolised by Zionist Companies.All these is being done in the name of Globalisation and Liberalisation.All this is what I call Kafirnomics. Our government is singing Globalisation,Liberalisation, like they are also working for the Zionist,Bankers,Murderers like Monsanto etc,etc, just to further develop the new religion of Kafirnomics and their Zionist Masters.

Please click the youtube links below for proof of Kafirnomics and Kafirnoagriculture (the pursuit of money above everything else,even if it kills others):-


drreza said...

salam pakyeh/selamat sejahtera

i have been reading your articles and although i dont agree 100% of them(but i agree with at least 95% of them. im sure you've watched zeitgeist and 'the esoteric agenda'.
we malaysians are slowly losing our culture and turning to americans if the brainwash e receive from the 'higher powers' are not stopped and truth be told.
ive lost count of the number of times i think back to ow terrible some of my primary teachers actually brainwash you.and very racist and told us that other religions are wrong etc.we need a huge mental revolution.
thank you for the help in doing so..

one love


pak yeh said...

Thank you drreza.
We have been blinded by those in power to accept a lie rather than truth. Live is about the struggle between the haves and the have nots. in religious terms it is the struggle betwee the followers of Satan and the followers of the Angel.God in my opinion is above these laws of good and evil.Laws are only for Gods creation/mankind.

So lets spread the message of this struggle between Good and Evil in terms of economics,education(read my article:John Lenons Philosophy/song),science and thingking.