Sunday, June 28, 2009

Revolution !

Lets warm up with a Revolution song.Please click the link below and digest the truth of the song by Noah.

Revolution starts with mental revolution.The Japanese Total Quality Control Guru, Dr Ishikawa said "Quality starts with training and ends with training".
The training program starts with :-
1) Identification of problems.
2)Root cause analysis of the problems.
3)Formulation of remedies to the problems.
4)Turningand application of the Demings Quality Circle of Plan,Do,Check,and Corective Action, and only then would you get a Quality Revolution or a Revolution thats of a high quality.

The start of a Revolution therefore is the awareness of the problems namely :-
1)Fraudulent paper money and its monopoly by the money makers.
2)Corrupted Government.
3)Heavy taxes and inflasion of money due to the paper money system.
4)The Class/Caste system of Capitalism.
5)Monopoly of politics.
6)Monopoly of bussinesses and trading licenses.
7)Monopoly of food production and trade.
8)Monopoly and control over the media.
9)Monopoly of education system.
10)Monopoly and control over behavior of citizens.
11)Monopoly of the Army and Police and the use of voilence against the citizens.
12)Monopoly of God by some religions.

As this lecture is a long one ,lets listen to another Revolution song by Bob Marley.

Revolution as a solution, has been the best way of change for the better.Models of Revolution from the past are as follows :-
Spartacus was a slave who fought for Independence and Equal Rights and a class less government distingtive of Kings and slaves of the Roman Empire.

2)Muhammad the prophet of Islam.
Muhammad united warring tribes with his One God concept,freed slaves, created a class less society,over turned the usury(compound interest) economics with an economics devoid of usury/riba and debt slavery, and created a God's Government and Welfare State.

3)The French Revolution.
This is similiar to the equal rights and class less movement in the past.The institution of Kings was demolished and a Republic was installed.

4)The American Revolution.
This is a revolt and freedom from the British Colonial/Imperial rule.It was also an attempt to create their own banking Institution and break the British monopoly in trade/bussiness. It was also a human rights movement.

5)Karl Marx
Karl Marx was an atheistic prophet of man. He analysed the root cause of human sorrow and inequality to pure economic greed and Darwin's survival of the fittest. The remedy he proposed was a class struggle of the "have not"/the poor against the "haves"/the rich. The ideology was a hit among the working class, as it means that they will not be exploited by the Kings/bogoise and are in charge of their destiny.His ideology gave birth to the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and the Cuban Revolution. His ideology can overcome racial and religious differences to a certain degree. His economics can be a common ground for all races and religions to unite against a common enemy,the Capitalist.

6) The Russian Revolution.
This is a Marxist Revolution.The King was executed. The goverment, although it started as a version of Democracy ended as an Authocratic government.It is slowly changing into a Democratic government.

7) The Chinese Revolution.
This is a Marxist Revolution with a touch of Chinese philosophy(Maoist).The King was forgiven his sins and lived till his death as an ordinary citizen.It started as an a version of Democracy but ended as an Authocratic government.

8) Mahatma Gandhi.
Ghandi is a modern icon of Revolution in that he inspired people to practice Jesus way of non violence or passive resistance as a way/methodology of a Revolution.

9)The Iranian Revolution.
This revolution is Theocratic / religious in nature, but it is not a total revolution by prophets Muhammads standards as their economic system is unchanged. The usury/riba paper money and Banking system is still intact. Although the King was sacked, the Merchants/Bussinessman Bankers and elite/bogoise have replaced the King and are in control of the economy.
The prophet Mohammads economics /Islamnomics of true money and non usury/riba is not being implemented.

9)The Unification Church.
This organisation is a Theocracy and Monarchy.While the mainstream is in favour of democracy, this group is in favour of Monarchy.It is a Revolution of Christian Theology.It has the capacity to be a world Christian organisation.

With this I end this discourse on change management via a revolutionary ideology/theology/economics.It is hoped that mankind of all races, ideologies and religion would bring about a revolution and changes for a better life.

To wind this up,lets listen to another revolution song by the Beatles.


Anonymous said...

what risk it can be take

when comes to revolution its always become much much worst before the good and the better thing came

is the world war III has already begun.......


pak yeh said...

Jika tidak mahu ambil risiko, gunakan model revolusi Gandhi.
Cara non violence, tapi melawan keburokan kerajaan. Chontoh : 1)Boikot beli minyak apabila kerajaan naikkan harga minyak.
2)Guna duit emas apabila duit ketas jatuh nilainya.ataupun jad
i petani atau/dan nelayan dan cari makan tanpa duit kertas.

Semua ini mesti ada satu hati.Jika seorang sahaja tidak menjadi. Jika ramai kerajaan akan tergugat.

Anonymous said...

lets hope for the world without goverment

its good to become anarchist

good goverment can be a bad goverment at one day

bad goverment can be a good goverment at one day either......

the truth is we are alone and free ,we make a friend to somebody so we can use them for another purpose


i don't believe in goverment i dont't believe in the system

what hope can we get from the small sand of this entire universe

what a sinikal world we living..


the late michael jackson said "heal the world make it better place...."

but who really care now...

hero already gone......




Entah said...

Salam pak_yeh,

Salah satu sebabnya parti pembangkang sukar utk menguasai politik Malaysia sejak dulu ialah krn mereka tidak mengkritik parti pemerintah secara rasional, intelektual, dan efisen... pembangkang yg sy nampak yg rasional hanyalah DAP... jika pak_yeh nak baca tulisan2 yg mengkritik kerajaan secara rasional boleh baca laman web ini,


pak yeh said...

HambaMu kata :

Pak Yeh kata :
Benar ! Cari makan lebeh penting dari agama. Sebab tanpa makan kita tak dapat berfikir akan Tuhan dan menyusahkan orang sahaja.
Revolusi satu cara perbetulkan "cari makan kita".
Apabila rakyat terlampau miskin ataupun Tanah di naikkan harga ,ataupun duit kertas jatoh merudum nilainya, kerajaan cuma menusahkan rakyat sahaja.Dimasa itu kerajaan mesti di gulingkan dan tanah dan kekayaan perlu di "redistribute"/agih semula,sebab sistem Kapitalis mengkayakan yang kaya dan memiskinkan yang miskin.

HambaMu kata :
Its good to become Anarchist.

Pak yeh kata :
Perperangan/cara violence bergantung kapada siapa mempunyai senjata yang lebeh cangih.jika kita guna senapang dan lawan kita guna nuclear missile, sudah tentu kita kalah. Lagi pun hukum mata untok mata, nyawa untok nyawa akan membuat semua orang buta dan tidak bernyawa.
Apabila kita lemah cara Gandhi dan Jesus adalah yang paling baik.

pak yeh said...

Salam Entah,
Entah kata :
Salah satu sebabnya parti pembangkang sukar utk menguasai politik Malaysia sejak dulu ialah krn mereka tidak mengkritik parti pemerintah secara rasional, intelektual, dan efisen... pembangkang yg sy nampak yg rasional hanyalah DAP...

Pak Yeh kata :
Saya setuju ! Nahi mungkar DAP dan blogger macam RPK lebeh productive dari nahi mungkar PAS.
Apabila PAS inginkan Unity Gomen, ini bermaana PAS tiada nahi mungkar lagi,dan menjadi sekongkol musoh(UMNO/BN). Mengikut Sheikh Karpal Singh politik begini tidak ber maruah.Mandat rakyat telah di khianati.
Sheikh Karpal Singh nampak lebeh bermoral dan bervisi dari Presiden dan naib presiden PAS.
PAS nampak macam nak jadi macam parti S46.
Bagaimana Pimpinan Ulama(Presiden dan naib Presiden PAS) boleh gambarkan diri mereka sebagai tidak bermoral dan flip flop dalam visi perjuangan ???
Mereka telah berdosa pada rakyat dan Allah, kerana tidak nahi mungkar dan bersubahat dengan pemerintah taghut(UMNO/BN).
Mungkin PRU13 nanti Pakatan Rakyat perlu berjuang/nahi mungkar tanpa PAS sahaja.