Tuesday, July 21, 2009

KeTuanan Melayu/KeTuanan Cina/KeTuanan Zionist

Are we discussing about culture, economics or politics here.???
a)If culture, the solution is ...when in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Malaysia do as the Malays do.
b)If economics...the the race with the most amount of money is the Tuan.
c)If politics then it is a combination of both.

However lets debate the Ketuanan Melayu as this is the issue often debated.

1)Ketuanan Melayu is non existent if money is in the hands of non Malays.
This is the haqiqah of the matter.
With GLOBALISATION and LIBRALISATION adopted a whole new game is in place.
In terms of wealth...
1.1) Is the Malays,Chinese or Zionist the Tuan ???
1.2) Who is the real paper money maker ???
1.3) Who is the real Tuan in Malaysia and the whole world ???

If economics is the system of measuring who is Tuan, the restruturing via the NEP is no wrong. However it would be better to deracialise it by having a Socialist or a CLASSLESS economics. Political problems have a rootcause in economics, because economics is the porpose of politics.

2)The British made Chinese equal partners in bussiness industries.
Therefore, the Chinese are the real "Tuan" because they are the rich/elite class.
They were even given the first Bank in Sarawak to their advantage.
2.1)By doing so the Chinese are the TUAN.
Whoever has the ability to make money out of no money(paper) is the Tuan. But the machine to make paper money is with the British/Zionist.
2.3)Therefore the real TUAN is the British/Zionist.

Hence, the KeTuanan Melayu is only a British/Zionist gimmick.
The Malay Sultans were "PUPPET TUANS" with a salary to easy the exploitation of the countries wealth.
Democracy was a new game to put the Malays and the Chines at each others throats and survival of the richest. It was a classic divide and rule formula.
This is the HAQIQAH/ABSOLUTE TRUTH of Pak Yeh. Others views are like looking at things from vielled/miopic eyes.

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moloyue said...

Ketuanan Melayu ialah pemimpin umno adalah tuan dan rakyat yg lain hamba bapak mereka.