Monday, July 13, 2009

Revolution pt 3 : The Way of Gandhi and Jesus.

What's the best formula for a revolution?
Lets define what a revolution is through a linguistic method, a third party method which is unbiased towards any particular method.
Revolution is a word. A word has no meaning. People put meaning to the word. Some say revolution is Karl Marx, Prophet Muhammad, Thomas Pain, Gandhi, Mao Tse Tung, etcetera, etcetera. So to make it unbaised lets rojak it together and bring out the best of every idea.

First let us discuss the Gandhi/Jesus Way.
Though Jesus was not able to create a physical revolution, he was able to create a mental revolution. The way of non violence and love instead of violence and hatred as taught by Jesus was practiced and sucessfully made into a revolution by Gandhi.

By modern standards, we do not subscribe to violence and destructive methods of Revolution.
The quotations below more or less summarises the way of Jesus and Gandhi.

1) Non violence.
Gandhi said :
An eye for and eye makes everybody blind.
Pak Yeh says :
With weapons of mass detruction we would all end up dead. Those that survive would have to migrate to another planet.

2)Destroy the ideology, not the person.
Gandhi said :
By the non-violent method we seek to destroy not the capitalist. We seek to destroy capitalism. We must not aim at his destruction. We must strive for his conversion.

3) Non-Cooperation/Pasive Resistance.
Gandhi said :
Non-cooperation with evil is as much a divine duty as co-operation with good.

4) A Classless Society.
Gandhi said :
Socialism is a beautiful word and so far as I am aware in socialism all the members of society are equal - none low, none high. In the individual body, the head is not high because it is the top of the body, nor are the soles of the feet low, because they touch the earth. Even as members of the individual body are equal, so are the members of society. That is socialism. This socialism is as pure as crystal. It, therefore, requires crystal-like means to achieve it.

5)Equal Distribution of Wealth, for needs,not greed.
Gandhi said :
The real implication of equal distribution is that each man shall have the wherewithal to supply all his natural needs and no more. To bring this ideal into being the entire social order has got to be reconstructed, as we progress towards our goal, we shall find contentment and happiness, and to that extent too shall we have contributed towards the bringing into being of a non-violent society.
The earth provides enough for everyone's needs, but not enough for everyone's greed.

6) On Independence.
Gandhi said :
One has to be self-reliant in everything. If people do not start working of their own free will, time and circumstances will make them do so.
Mark Kinney said :
Money has become a ring we wear through the nose, which allows us to be lead by those who control it.
Gandhi said :
Every human being has a right to love and therefore to find the wherewithal to feed himself and where necessary to clothe and house himself. But, for this very simple performance, we need no assistance from economists or their laws.
Pak Yeh says : In the past we don't need money to feed and house ourselves. Mankind have lost their original God given independence, to be enslaved by paper money,the Bankers and Creators of paper money.

7) Our Mission.
Gandhi said :
The individual, being pure, sacrifices himself for the family, the latter for the village, the village for the district, the district for the province, the province for the nation, the nation for all.
You must be the change, you want the world to be.

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