Friday, March 5, 2010

The Green Revolution. to undo Kafirnomics.

Kafirnomics is a description of the economics of decetion, whereby the people is decieved into believing that a worthless piece of paper(paper money/false money) is worth more than gold(the real money)., including Capitalism and the interest/riba of the Banking system.
It is thought that the antidote for Capitalism or Kafirnomics is Socialism/Communism, however it is not true, because the root cause of the real/macro Capitalism is paper money.
The real antidote for Capitalism is Islamnomics, an economics devoid of deception and greed as is Capitalism/kafirnomics

If you think of a revolution to free the world from the mordern "paper money slavemasters", you must first free youself from using paper money.

The first step towards this freedom is to grow your own food.Do not use paper money to get at your food.This is what Gandhi said "passive resistace" or a boikot.

Why must we work for paper money to eat poison impregnated food ???
False money begets false food !!!
Why cant we think of better ways to get at our food other than being enslaved to paper money as the only was to get at our food.???
The paper money slave masters have hipnotized/conditioned you to think in terms of paper money!!!.
Paper money is like a drug, which we get addicted to, and have to be rehabilitated to free ourself from it!!!

The survival of the paper money slave masters is dependant on enslavement to the paper money dogma/propoganda, which is another word for a false teaching/a scam, to enrich themselves and their cronies via the interest/riba system which is prohibited by Allah.
Paper money is an extention of and a mutiplier tool of the old interest/riba economy of gold money system.Paper money itself becomes interest/riba besides the traditional interest/riba on the traditional gold money system. Paper money is a"lie repeated often to become a truth", which is what dogmas and propoganda is.
Although Allah bans the riba/interest economy the Muslim are oblivious of it.
Are we muslim are are we not Muslims ???
Allah has made haram the riba form of economy !!!.
Yet no Muslim at present give a damn about Allahs warning against the riba economy!!!.

Those who are into gnosticism/sufism/mystycism to get themselves closer to God are advised to do the same.
The first step to be independent from modern slavery is to be food independent.
The body and soul must be free from the chains, the prison that was imposed upon us by the "paper money slave masters".
The reason why the modern gnostic/sufi and mystics fail to excell like those gnostics/sufis/mystics of the past is because of their dependent on paper money. Using false money instead of Gods money is not good for the soul.
Gods food is not those that contain poisonous pesticides and false/chemical fertlizers.

Below is a video that we could learn from to be a good revolutioneer. This organic agriculture method is the real Gods agriculture. It is also similar to the great Revolutioner Chaiman Mao said,"the Green Revolution"

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