Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gnostiicm / Sufism / Mysticism

Gnonsticm is similiar to Sufism. It is the study of religion and using the religion to link up to, or acess the memory of, the mainframe of God.
Gnosticism and Sufism will end with Mysticisn, mysticism can be a deferently approached.

People who mannaged to acess the mainframe memory bank are in a way called prophtic , some with miracle ,and some with intuition, or extraordinary knowledge.
Thus the Gnostic will start with an unquenchable thirst fo knowledge of God.This can be a nitary or many religious experience.The search should never end, unless one has taken a roleplay destined by God.

In order to achieve the most knowledge of God, we have to critically understand by using our brain.The use of the brain is for leaders. The non use of the brain is the destiny of followers.

The brain is the ultimate tool in the understanding of "Truth".
Truth is in 2 parts. Real Truth and Apparent Truth.
Real Truth is "Gods Point Of View", whuch is again divided ito two, ie Absolute Truth and Necessary Truth.
Those who can understand this distinction, will undestand the Truth from Gods point of view.
However we as humans must not stay as "Gods point of view"or "be God", as this would be danderouse and we could end up like Jesus or Al Halaj the Sufi Saint.One must "Safa and Marwa" like one of the Haj retuals or more appropriately be like the Tao and ying yang your way.

This roadmap is as far as understanding of God and religion is concerned.
However the understanding is dependant on the will and generousity of God. Hence it is necessary to ask from the source and Giver of wisdom.
This understanding that all things are only possible by the will of God gives rise to the pharase "InshaAllah" or "/'Godwilling'

Using this prase and praying for His help without helping ourself however is not going to get us what we want.There are prosedures to follow and a great deal of thinking and hardwok is needed to progress ourself.

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