Friday, June 18, 2010

Idris Jala's smokescreen.

Idris Jala's press statements recently stating that Malaysia would be bankrupt by 2019 should be read between the lines for the truth, or as the Sufi's say it ...know the haqiqah/hidden truth of it.

Nations get bankrupt all the time, whenever their money is devalued.The hidden indicator of a bankrupt nation is the devaluation of fheir money in comparition to other currencies.Devaluation of money is a normal happening with corruption riddled nations.

Malaysia has undergone bankruptcy at least twice.
The fist time was when Mahathir built the Dayabumi Building at the same time BMF Hong Kong had a scaldalsifoning billions of ringgit.
The second time Malaysia became bankrupt is when they used Soros's money to build KLCC,KLIA,Putra Jaya,Bakun Dam,KL Tower, all at the same time ie during Anwar Ibrahim's tenancy as Finance Minister and Dr Mahathir as as Prime Minister.They had blood in their hands and were totally reponsible for the economic disaster at that time.

The signs of a country gone bankrupt is the spiralling inflation brought about by a devaluation of money.
The haqiqah of this unatural economic disaster is that the government has spent money many times its income,making the counry bankrupt.This is made possible because the paper/fiat/false money sistem allows them tax the rakyat via a hidden process called the devaluation of money. That was exactly what they did. It was far better than calling themself a bankrupt and not able to spend anymore money.
Hence, Nations being called bankrupt is eliminated from our vocabulary.In its palce we just say that the country is getting poorer. That was exactly what Dr mahathir said on his blog, that the country is not going bankrupt but becoming poorer.
Which was what he actually did when he was the Prime Minister.
The magnitude of pooverty was 150%,when our money is compared apple to apple to Singapore and Brunei money valui(1RM=S$2.5)
How can Malaysia a country many times richer than Singapore in terms of natural wealth such as oil,timber and plantations be economically behind Singapore by 150% when they all started the same dollar for dollar???
This can only happen if the country was bankrupted many times.!!!
And that verily is the haqiqah/hidden truth of the matter.
How can Malaysia not be bankrupt when they had spent so much on maga projects all at the same time.???
Well it could happen and has happened, because a man called Sorros put in billions into Malaysian Banks to play shares.The shares all skyroketed immediately. Mahathir went crazy spending money based on Banks and shares heightened performance.Loans were approved just by looking at the Sorros' enhenced share prices.
But Sorros then withdrew his money which had more than doubled in share prices.
That made all the banks bankrupt.
But offcause the government did not say that the banks were bankrupt. They said the banks became poorer.
Mahathir then forced them to merge which is another word for selling Bank Bumiputra to the non bumiputra Banks who were not in the red. This was done to cover up the fact that Bank Bumiputra and several other Banks were really bankrupt.

In conclusion when banks go bankrupt and our money is devalued it is a sure sign that the the country is also bankrupt.!!!

So why do we suddenly hear Idris jala saying that the government is going bankrupt in 2019.??? Dosn't he know that Malasia had been bankrupt.???
The haqiqah/hidden truth is that the government wants to have a reason to increase the taxes and increase oil prices.Idris Jala's press statements was the smokescreen expected to justify the taxes and oil price increases.!!!

It is not like Idris Jala to increase taxes and oil prices to solve the governments bankruptcy problems.This sort of medicine is like increasing the price of MAS plane tickets to solve MAS bankruptcy problems.It will surely backfire.
Surely as an ex Shell and MAS turnaround Manager he is capable of formulating better medicines to solve the governments bankruptcy promblems. Surely cutailling on excessive government spending and corruption is the correct way, like you did with MAS.

It looks like Idris Jala has sold his soul to the devil in disguise.!!!
It is a sad thing for a person so competent in Corporate Management.

But we have our own medicine for the malady. Just create a Revolution and kick out the bankrupt BN government who constantly rob the poor to feed themselves by devaluing the ringgit. These Sheriff of Nottingham style and Ali Baba and 4o thieves style of government must be removed by a Revolution.!!! All Super Power Nations had their Revolurion.Lets have a Revolution and be like the Super Power Nations.
Common and Join the Revolution.

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