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The Good (PR),The Bad (BN),& The Ugly (Independants)

This is a winding up debate with Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) of Malaysia Today on the issue of "Is the 3rd Force relevant.???",which appeared at malaysia Today as "Okay lets debate" and "Its like debating whether Malaysia should join EU".

For the sake of your futher education En RPK,I present to you a movie that I am sure our generation adore it so very much.
It is a spegetti cowboy movie by the name of "The good,the bad and the ugly, staring Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef.
I am sure you remember the movie, with its haunting whistle tune.
I remember waking up in the morning with this whistling in my mind and my pistol raised ready to shoot.Same thing hapened when I went to the toilet to pee, and when I saw girls passing by. Heh,heh,heh.
Forgive me for laughing at my own joke.Those who do not laugh at their own joke have poor sense of humour.Heh,heh,heh.

Perhaps this movie and further debate will help you to reconsider so as to aspire to be the hero/the good instead of being the ugly, who is actually the bad disguised as the good.!!!

To see the real movie ,please go to youtube or buy the VCD.

Right I hope everyone had enjoyed themselves. Let get on with the final,winding-up debate.
This is a rebutal of RPKs article "Its like debating whether or not Malaysia should join the EU".

1)RPK said :
Its like debating whether or not Malaysia should join the EU

1)Pak Yes reply:
Is this a bad joke, or you have flipped your mind.? How can a debate on the issue of Democratic two party system and whether or not the 3rd Force is relevant, be similiar to whether or not Malaysia should join the EU.???
You are one helluva bullshiter.

2)RPK said :
Currently, the rakyat have no say in the choice of candidates. Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Raktyat decide whom to field in the elections and the rakyat are told to choose one or the other. So you close your eyes as to who the candidates are. uYou just look at the party symbol and vote for whoever it may be even if you don’t like the candidate.

2)Pak yehs reply :
Nonsense again. The fact that people have voted in party candidates that won are proofs that they are the peoples choice.
Did the people really chose your candidate Malik Imtiaz.? Where is your proof.???Which constituentcy chose him.? Who are their names.?
If you have this proof or system in place, perhaps the voting system is outdated and should be abolished.

3)RPK said :
On that there should only be a pair, two sides to a coin, good and bad, black and white, left and right, ying and yang, and so on (as ordained by God and mentioned in the Quran, as you said), I would have to disagree with you -- especially on your argument that any third choice or third alternative is a hypocrite or munafiq (which you also say is what God has ordained).

Life is not just about black and white. There are also various shades of grey (a blend of black and white) plus yellow, blue, green, red, etc. Life is also not just about left and right. There is also the centre. And you certainly can’t simplify things by lumping people into two groups and that if you do not subscribe to any one of the two groups then you are a hypocrite.

3)Pak yehs reply:
History proves that in politics there are two dominant opposite forces, the opressor/the bad and the opressed/the good, and they fight each other for power.
In Science, Newton said "There is always a force equal and oposite to each other.
Mathematics can be used to simbolise good as positive(+) and the bad as negative(-). Zero however is a combination of the same number of positives and negatives,ie (-3) + (+3) = o .
Zero therefore simbolizes a hipocrite that can be both positive/good and negative/bad.
This view is supported by the Quran that divides people into, the believers, the disbelievers and the munafiq/hipocrites.
According to the spegetti western movie "The good the bad the ugly", a guy who is both good and bad is the ugly.
Thus applying all these scientific,mathematical and movie principles, we can therefore savely say that...
a) The good/(+) is the Pakatan Rakyat.
This is because they are the oposition to the bad/the opressor.
b) The bad/(-) is the Barisan National.
This is because they are the government that opresses the people.
and c) the ugly/zero is the Indipendants.
This is because they are opotunists who always sell theselves to the winning party.
So RPK ,you belong to the ugly/zero if you choose to be Indipendants.

4)RPK said :
And just because I do not agree with you absolutely, 100%, you accuse me of selling out or of being bought. Pakatan Rakyat supporters should stop this “either you are with me or you are against me” attitude (and that if you are not with me then you have been bought).

This is what President Bush used to say. Either you are pro-America or you are an enemy of America -- and therefore if you are not pro-America then the US has every right to attack your country.

4)Pak Yehs reply :
Unfortunate for you, both the logic above is true. Indipendants wait till they know who won, then they will sell/prostitute themselves to the winner.
So sorry/ a thousand apologies, that you have decided to be Indipendants/the ugly/hipocrites. Historically most of them prostitute themselves to the winner of the elections.

5)RPK said :
So you see, I am talking about a third alternative here. I am talking about solving the problem of Iraq by not creating a bigger problem to solve a problem. If we limit everything to just two options without looking at a third option then that is what we get.

5)Pak Yehs reply:
The Iraq issue is a war issue.You should focus on 2 or 3 party Democratic systems.
In this war there is only 2 parties.You have to choose the good/the opressed. Its either America or Sadam. You and the kurds can be the 3rd party but you have nothing to contribute except to be 3rd Force hipocrites an support whoever will win the war.

6)RPK said :
Back in the old days, whoever did not support American Capitalism was considered a Communist (remember the McCarthy era?). And in the Communist countries, whoever did not support Communism was a Capitalist Pig. In those days it was just a choice of two and if you did not support one side then you are regarded as the enemy because then it must be because you support the other side.

But then both Communism and Capitalism are bad for the people or rakyat. Under Communism you become slaves of the state and under Capitalism you become economic slaves. Under both systems the rakyat become slaves.

So can’t we reject both and look at a third alternative, which is more ‘people friendly’? Why must we be the enemy or a hypocrite just because we reject both on grounds that both are not beneficial to the rakyat?

6)Pak Yehs reply :
You En RPK, had been brainwashed by Imperialist propoganda, and therefore do not understang Capitalism and Communism.
That is why you think that way.
You should ask the question,.. Who is the opressor and who is the opressed.???
America, historically has supported opressive Dictators in Filipines(Marcos),in Chile(Pinocite),in Iran(Shah Redza Palavi) etc,etc.
Capitalism is evil/bad/the opressor who enslaves.
Communism is good/the opressed that free slavery of the people from Imperialists like America,Britain etc,etc).
Communist economics is the antidote for failed Capitalist economics.

7)RPK said :
So where did this talk of third force and three-corner fights come from? That, I would like to know. And why are we arguing about something that is not even on the agenda of MCLM? We are arguing about something that is not even on the cards. It is like arguing about whether Malaysia should join the European Union and we start getting all excited when the government never even thought of that idea and even if it did we are not in Europe and would not qualify to be a member of the EU.

7)Pak yehs reply :
3rd Force is your invention on your blog. You have talked so much about it.
The 3rd Force of your own called MCLM is going to field Indipendants. Idipendants are mathematically simboled zero(0)/the munafiqs/hipocrites as per the Quran, and the prostitute politicians who are waiting to sell themselves to the winner in the next election.

I hope I did not miss replying to any of your debate issues.
Sorry RPK for being as brutal as you have called yourself.
I dont mind people being brutal to me in a debate. Its only a debate anyway.In fact I learn better that way.
I hope you will reconsider your plans to field Independant/"the ugly" candidates.
Get them to join any Pakatan Rakyat / "the good" parties instead.


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