Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Good(Communist),the Bad(Capitalist) & the Ugly.

Malaysia was once a British colony, and still is to those who know.
Most Malaysians would say we are rid of the colonialists.
But the Colonialists however have changed their stripes.They have become Corporations, and it is this British/American/Jewish/Japanese Corporations that have colonised us and all 3rd world countries at present.
The old colonization is by a Nations who wage war upon other nations.
The new colonisation is by economic enslavement by the Bankers and Corporations of the colonialist countries.
Colonization is alive and very much kicking in this modern times.

The final objective of colonization or more aptly called Imperialism is the conquest of a nation and all its manpower and resources to enrich the conquering-nation(in the past) and the Corporations and Bankers(in the present).
To this end, the conquering nation will apply every economic and political means posible, including war.

For nations that have been colonialized and exploited such as China,Vietman,North Korea, they resorted to the Communist or Marxist ideology.They see the rootcause of the problem as the greedy rich government in cohoot with the Colonialist, exploiting the poor. These greedy economics, which they called Capitalism, practiced by Kings, Corporations and Bankers are making themselves(the rich)richer and people(the poor) poorer.
The ideology gave the poor hope and vision to revolt against the greedy and wicked Colonialist/Imperialist and start a new peoples government.
This ideology is a democratic ideology as it is "The government of the people ,by the people, for the people". The only people not in the equation were the Colonialist Nations,Bankers and Corporations and the Capitalist governments.
This decision they made is a good one and they(the Communist) should be judged as the "Good".

Every nation has its right to determine what ideology they want to use.That is a democratic right.
The most effective ideology to them is Communism/Marxisism.So be it. It was the peoples choice.
They people have lost faith in religion, because the religious institutions at that time, were corrupted by the government. These religious institutions often preached "the other world" instead of "this world". Dogmas and lies were invented by the priest to support the king or the government of the day.
Hence, the Marxist saying "Religion is the opium of the people".
I would correct this saying as "The corrupted religions are the opium of the people"
Because they were neither here nor there the corrupted religious institutions are judged as the "Ugly",who are hipocrites who say they are with the people,but are in cohoots withe opressors/the bad,the government of the day.

With the Communist judged as the Good/the opressed/the Democrats, and the corrupt religious institutions as the Ugly/the hipocrites, therefore we have come to the obvious conclusion that the Capitalist/ the opressors/the colonialist nations,Bankers and Corporations are "the Bad".

There are plenty of proofs to show the Capitalists "badmess" such as...

1)Capitalist British colonization of Malaya,India,China, African Nations,Arab nations etc,etc. Though they have given independece to these nations, their Banks and Corporations are still there to reap the harvest left by them.
Any country that want to be Comunist is swiftly removed by wars,assasination or economic sanctions.
The exception is China that is seen as truely independant. And because of their war for Indepedence through Communism, they are now one of the "Super powers".The ability to remove Capitalists totally is vital for real sucess.

2)Capitalist America is very well known for supporting oppressive dictatos and regimes such as Shah of Iran, Marcos of the Philipines,Suharto of Indonesia,Pinocet of Chile etc, etc, etc.

The rule of thumb is, "The enemy of your enermy is your friend".
Since Communism is the enemy of the Colonialist/Imperialist like America and. Britain, the Communist therefore are our friends.
Communism is good for people opressed by their government. That is the real "Truth"
The "truth" that Communism is bad is nothing but political propoganda by the opressor/the colonialist, as Joseph Geobles, Hitlers Propoganda Minister said, "A lie when repeated often enough, would become a truth".

May we be guided by the Truth.!!! Amen.

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