Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The enemies of your enemy are your friends,

The enemies of all people and nations are Imperialist and Colonialists Bankers who practice Capitalism of paper fraudulent paper money.!!!

America and Britain are but proxies/tools in the propagation of Capitalism and fraudulent paper money by economic and military means.!!!

The anti-thesis of Capitalism is Communism and Islamnomics(the use of Gods money and non-usury economics).!!!

The reasons for war against Communism and Islam is the preservation of the Capitalism of fraudulent paper money and those who created them(Jewish Bankers).!!!
Bankers always get richer due to more money being printed, whenever an economic crisis occur.Obama seems to have trillions, even after trillions were lost in debts.!!!Its paper money magic.More debts to pay for the previous debts!!!
Hence the enemies of your enemies are your your friends.!!!


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