Thursday, April 28, 2011

RPKs TV3 interview : A review of the Altantuya crime.

When RPK gave an interview with TV3, he did not change the story. He gave the story anothe perspective or another view. Thats all there is to it. His reason.? Because the Police and the gomen is too stupid to carry out proper and successful investigations into crimes initiated and comitted by politicians.
So far the Police and the Judges have been able to prove tha two unidentified guys with faces covered as the murderers. Only the gomen know who they are. We the public view it as a gomen cover up. They are probably let off and enjoying life in some paradise outside of Malaysia.
What the Police and the Judges did not do to finish their job was to persecute the guys who gave the orders for the two unidentified guys to kill and C4 Altantuya.

Najip ang the BN gomen spins the TV3 interview as "Najib and Rosmah is innocent".
Some PR Cinaman spins the TV3 inteview as "slandering Anwar Ibrahim as a Conspiratot to bring down Najip". Even if Anwar and Ku Li did conspire,so what is it is to send the guys who ordered the killing of Altantuya to prison.

The truth is both are idiots who cannot read between the lines and undestand the truth,which is "Who ordered the killing of Altantuya.???"

So, please PR idiots,do not spin the matter by saying RPK is a turncoat.
He is our Great Leader.


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