Monday, May 2, 2011

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Labourers cry for help.!

Its Mayday,a cry for help,
For a sinking ship,
More so for a sinking heart,
The hearts of ill treated labourers.

Night and day,they work their buts off.
For a wage well below poverty.
They sweat more than any person.
Even more than beast of burden.

Even beast of burden
Are very well paid in food.
B ut the "Man of burden"/the labourer,
Is paid a wage lacking in nutrition.

Why do those who work the most get the least pay.???
Why does the rich Bankers and Polititians get so much.???
Sharing and generousity is never in their mind.
Maximum profit. That is always in their mind.

Capitalism, the culture of 3rd world governments.
Serving the needs of 1st world goverenments.
Enslaving their people with slavery wages.
They enslave their people for other people.

Think freedom oh labourers.
Do not rest till you get it.
Your strength lies in unity.
One voice One Labour Party.

Learn from Spartacus,Marx and Mao.
They talk truth,fairness and freedom,
Of workers paradise,and self government.
They practice it while others say but do not.

Mayday,Mayday Mayday.
May the cries of help be heard by all good people,
In the goverment and in the opposition.
May our nation be a paradise for all.

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