Monday, July 25, 2011

Beware.! All Paper Money Nations are Doomed.!

Paper money when supported by gold or any other standards is still money.
But paper money without any gold or whatever standards is false and stupid money that is bound to fail.

Imagine, if you have a money making machine and is contracted to supply all the money needed in Maysia.
Pok Lah ordered $100 billion in $5 dollar notes.
Because it is contracted out, Pok Lah asks for commission in the form of free samples for $10 billion.
You would of course agree to it, because he is giving you business.
So what, if Pok Lah wants $10 billion free samples.??? So what if Pok Lah wants to destroy the Maysian economy.??? You can even make another $10 billion free samples for your self. Who would know.???

Now this is actually what is happening to all nations through out the world who do not print their own money.!!!
However, even if they print their own money, they could easily print free samples for their own selves.
This is because the system has zero standards. No gold deposit is required,like the requirement before. It is not tied to any gold,silver coconuts or any real value at all. So if you dont have any real money to support paper money, it means that you can print as much money as you like. Those who have a money printing machine and those who can authorize the printing of money end up being rich beyond their dreams.

This is the nature of money made by the very sly American Jewish President named Richard Nixon and his equally sly Jewish and non Jewish Banker friends.
They do not know that it will fail. They are blinded by immense greed. But then again they could have known that it would fail. They were just making hay while the sun is still shining.

It is a matter of time before the fraudulent monetary system falls apart.!!!
 For the time being, each government would go on a money printing spree.!!! Yahoo,!!! Ya beda bedu.!!! Buy that 24 million ring.!!! Buy that most expensive $14,5 billion super yacht.!!! Buy that billion dollar super luxury penthouse in New York.!!! Why not.??? The system allows you to do so.!!!

Because money is printed more than goods can be transacted the money will quickly lose its value and hyperinflation will set in.
Because money drops too fast,people will lose confidence in the money. People will then us gold or barter trade, which is what real money actually is and should be,ie a money and economy that is without riba/usury, as described by Allah in the Qur'an.!!!

When the monetary system collapses, it will be a domino effect. Many would die.!!!  Those that will die first will be countries that import their food and people who use paper money to buy their food. Those that will remain standing will be food sufficient countries, the farmers and those who live off the land.

How to survive the impending doom.???
Read my next article.  InshaAllah.


akupun said...

u are right,
but everybody must face the effect,once this capitalist system fail,it been warned by DrM too,the destiny is written,we cant change it but we must face it.

pak yeh said...

The faster a nationpaper money is print fails is dependent on how fast ang how much they print their money.

However akupun, the economy is like Jesus that dies on the cross but is resurrected by the powers that be just like the Christian mythology.
Unless Muslim wake up to a Revolution they are forever enslaved, without their knowledge.