Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pak Yeh's New New Economic Revolution.

Malaysia is facing a serious shortage of food production. Food imports increased by 13 per cent last year, reaching RM30.2 billion and food trade deficit widened to RM12.1 billion, an increase of nine per cent compared with 2009.

If Thailand and Vietnam stop supplying Syed Al Bukhari with rice we will all die, except those who plant their own padi and food.!!!
If so,why dont the government or that government idiot crony, Syed Al Bukhari al Bernas, employ unemployed people to grow food.???
 The government has set up  car manufacturing which needs a thousand times more capital than setting up a food growing bussiness.
Why give away RM30.2 billion to farmers outsinde Malaysia.???
Yeah, they might be producing the food cheaper, but it is killing our own farmers.!!!
Importing food from other countries is putting our own farmers out of business. !!!
Do you want to kill our farmers just to enrich UMNO cronies like Bernas Syed Al Bukhari.???
The padi planters of  kanpong Kerpen, Kedah were once robbed of their padi land, and given to a crony to farm tiger prawns to feed Japanese people.!!!
The bastrardly UMNO/BN government did it.!!!
The Mexican government imported cheap corn from America, and destroyed the Mexican farmers lives.!!!
What a bastardly Mexican government.!!!

This Syed Al Bukhari guy is just a parasite,doing nothing at all accept profiting from a government license to import rice.!!!
When is he going to plant his own padi.???
What happens when Thailand and Vietnam cannot supply him with rice, because of bad weather.???
Wont the the rakyat be dead by then.???

Better still, Najip should learn from his late father Tun Abdul Razak and implement Felada Schemes to plant padi.!!!
Why feed other countries whith billions of acres of palm oil, and neglect the food of your own people.???
This type of agriculture policy is a receipt for disaster.!!!
Have you not heard of the African Banana Republics in which many people died,because they grew bananas instead of food.???
Do you want a similar catastrophe to happen to the people of Malaysia.???

Please,please governments of the world, think of the peoples lives before you import your food.!!!
Think of food security for all humans.!!!
Build a self sufficient and sustainable food agricultural policy.!!!
May Allah give guidance to those in the government.!!!Amin.!

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