Monday, January 9, 2012

RPK's Spin.

I enjoy debating and proving people wrong.
Here's the list.
1)Proving Rocky'sbru wrong. (refer )
2)Proving Christians wrong. (refer )
3)Proving Muslims wrong (refer )
4)Proving RPK wrong (refer )
 There's many more.

Why am I doing this.???
Its because Allah tells us to debate.!!! (Refer Quran 39:18 "listen to all views.Choose the best.These are the guided, the inteligent."  
People who do not debate, to get the truth, will get untruths/lies.

This opportunity to debate comes again with RPK's spin on Malaysia Today. (Refer )

Here goes,..
RPK spins :
I am said to have lost the plot. This is because of my interview with the New Straits Times,....blah,blah,blah.... But I did not because.... Was it not I, against the party wishes, who launched the ‘Boikot NST, Utsuan and TV3’ campaign in 2000.

Pak Yeh unspins :
Heh,heh,heh. Tarak logik lah bro.!!! Nobody said you "lost the plot" because you gave an interview with NST."!!! Its the contents of the inteview with NST that made people believe that you have lost the plot. You were attacking Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat when you should have attacked the enemy (UMNO/BN).

RPK boasts :
No one determines the rules in how I operate -- not the government, not the opposition.

Pak Yehs reply :
And not even God, hah.???
No wonder you cannot work with anybody.!!!
PKR fired you as their Editor. MCLM's Haris Ibrahim,Malik Imtiaz etc,etc resigned or disassociated with you.
You dont know what is consensus is it.??? Aiyoyo. You are no different than Mamak Kutty or Hitler lah.!!!

RPK spins:
In 2008, Dr Mahathir launched ABU (yes, it was Dr Mahathir who launched ABU in case you want to know). He told the UMNO members during a press conference to not vote UMNO in the 2008 general election. Vote anyone but Umno (or ABU). He met the Chinese association leaders and told them to support the opposition, especially in Penang, Abdullah Badawi’s home state, resulting in the opposition taking over that state.

Pak Yeh unspins :
Keh,keh,keh. Podah !!! It was not ABU(Anything But UMNO) but ABPL (Anything But Pak Lah). Don't you know Dr.Mahathir speaks with a forked tongue.???
Dr M was no more stong in UMNO. He lost his delegates seat in his own constituentcy.
Penang BN lost because of rampant corruption by BN government, and not because of Dr M's super influece.
Keh,keh,keh.What an idiot, to belief in Dr M's super influence.!!!
Many in UMNO/BN already gave him their middle finger. Even in his former constituentcy they gave him the middle finger, what more in Pak Lah's constituency/state.???

RPK said :
Mahathir’s charity is not my concern. How the opposition can benefit by Dr Mahathir becoming UMNO’s enemy is. And that is what I focused on.

Pak Yeh's opinion :
Heh,heh. Mahathirs charity.??? This is double talk or stupid talk.??? This Mamak is damn kedekut lah.He will give you RM100 from your money(taxpayers money) but will take back from you millionss of ringgit. We are still paying for his KLCC by taxes in the form of devalued ringgit.!!!
Mahathir is UMNO's enemy.???
Kah,kah,kah. You danm stupid lah.!!! UMNO Baru is Mahathir lah.!!! Anwar Ibrahim is UMNO;s enemy lah.!!! Your brain already got shit ka.???
The Mamak is only snaking lah.!!! Waiting for a time to strike and kill someone(Pak Lah).
The proverb "If you see an Keling, a Mamak and a snake, kill the Mamak first" apply.
Ini Mat Saleh celop sudah kena patuk dengan itu ular nama Mamak Kutty lah.!!!

RPK said :
Of course, my actions are puzzling to many, especially when I do not confide in them and they have to second-guess my actions. Well, that is their problem, not mine.

Pak Yeh's reply :
What is so puzzling.??? You alway think others ar stupider that you.!!!
Everyone understands better than you and can see that you are a traitor to Pakatan Rakyat. Its not what you did before. Its what you are doing now, attacking Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. It shows the UMNO in you (RPK).!!!

RPK said :
Blah, blah..I did good here, here ,here...

Pak Yeh's Reply.
It not the 100 times you did good in the past, but the 1 time you did bad and the plot that get lost,and you rocking the PR boat when you do it. History have shown that there are counter revolutioneers among revolutioneers. How can the rakyat belief in someon who have said that PKR is worst than UMNO. The whole world kows that no party in the whole world is worst than UMNO. Why slandered Anwar and the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government, without any proof and before MACC can act.??? You jumped over MACC and UMNO/BN in doing this.You are more UMNO than UMNO itself.!!!
You have spoken a lie.!!! Your motif in doing so, is to derail the rakyats plot/vision/revolution for a better government.!!!
You have become a traitor.!!!

My advice to you RPK is, to return to the right way. We might die tomorrow or at any tme to meet our Lord/Allah.Gods punishment is what we should be afraid of.
 May Allah guide us all. Salam.


-zulmohd- said...

RPK is a foregone conclusion - RIP. To him, everyone except him is stupid - a classic inferiority complex syndrome.

Why is he writing his blog? Simple, he wanted to tell the whole world this he knows everyting. He is always right, there rest are lembu. He is always trying to claim that he is representing everyone in Malaysia. To him, its either his way or the highway.

Anonymous said...

RPK go to eat shit lar!
Everyone should stop reading

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh
Forget this half breed Mat Salleh . We should waste our time to respond to him.