Monday, April 30, 2012

Berseh 3 : Democracy at the barrel of a gun.

Democracy at the barrel of a gun.???
Ya Man ! Yesterday was UMNO/BN;s Democracy at the barrel of a gun.
You can demonstrate,like any democracy. but you cant demonstrate at Merdeka Square. says the gomen.
That is another way of saying you cannot demonstrate.Typical UMNO/BN bohong. They give us another location, then say there is renovation work,so cannot demonstrate at all locations.Just like they did  at the last Berseh 2.There is no change in UMNO/BN's devilish character.
These percieved fraudulently elected governments of the day had as expected discarded whatever democracy and goodwill we had and replaced it with autocracy and evil.

Not wanting to be a "Bush" type that asked people to go to war while he dodged war, Pak Yeh decided to be with the rakyat in the heat and center of the action at Berseh 3.

I took a bus ride from Subang jaya to Pasar Seni. The Bus driver was very happy to see so many people wanting to go to the demonstration. He said that he however cannot bring us to Pasar Seni but would drop us a a certain place and we would have to follow the crowd to Pasar Seni. He dropped us at University LRT station. We suddenly realised that we were robbed off a portion of our fare.

This is vintage Malaysia under UMNO/BN. Taxi drivers and bus drivers have become robbers and thieves. That is because most of taxis and buses belong to UMNO/BN cronies. Not only are they robbers,their employees are robbers too.

I followed the crowd and took the LRT to Pasar Seni.The pembodek UMNO/BN was broadcasting a warning not to demonstrate.
 Yeah ,who bothers with pembodeks anyway. We all came to demonstrate and demonstrate we will.

As I walked I saw the bridge from Pasar seni to Dataran Merdeka closed with barbed wires and barricades. The "Sun Tzu" in me said, "What a flimsy wall put up by the stupid enemy. The enemy is not well prepared.They shall meet their doom."
The Abang Yeh in me said "I could have easily hopped, skipped and jumped over the barricades.
Then again the Ambiga (woman) in me said "No need lah.we demonstrate outside the barricade only lah."
That is what you get by having a women as leaders. Ha,ha.
Anyway the Pak Yeh in me agreed with the Ambiga in me.Oh my God.!
That is because the Pak Yeh in me cannot jump over the barricade, being 62 years of age, though still believing he is 26.

I kept on walking. I was astonished. "How come most of the demonstrators are sweet amoys hah.?"
Well they all looked sweet and young anyway, especially  when you are cocked eyed.
But where are the Minahs and the Minachis.?
Are they still sleeping.? Are they not aware of the robber gomens.? Perhaps there are more of them at another location.

At about 2 o clock I heard some shots fired. I rushed to the spot and saw the police already firing tear gas at the demonstrators. I missed the start of the demo. However not to be discouraged, I sat in in the front row together with the demonstrators. The police fired some tear gas over our heads.. The suddenly a few canisters of tear gas dropped near us. There was chaos, and everybody scampered for their lives. The smoke got in right to my nostrils. I coughed. My heart stopped for a few seconds, then I got back my breath.

That experience did shock me a bit. I decided to take a break and cleaned myself up. One of the demonstrators gave me some salt to ease the sting,
I sat in one more time, and after that I started to be a spectator by the side. The action was too strainous for a 62 year old man.
The demonstration soon faded at about 4 pm and everybody decided to go home.
I too went home to my family, telling them how much fun I had at Berseh3.

Why all the fuss about Berseh.???,
Berseh is a simptom of a corrupt government that wants to stay corrupt.
The demonstration is a necessary process in the flowchart of our plan to reastablish a clean (berseh) government.
It is the silat bunga before the real silat.
It is the signs of a war rather than a war.
It is the oppressed, asking to be heard.
It is the oppressed asking to be treated fairly.
It is the rakyat asking for justice and fair play.
It is also the opressor opressing the oppressed.
The opressor who refused what is asked.
Using force, tear gas and water cannons.
It is for all to witness, who is the good and who is the bad.
It is for all to take the right decision, to create a plan and action for a better tomorrow. for our children and grand children.
So come on, lets have Berseh demonstration untill the BN gomen is destroyed.
Next one on election day perhaps.
No elections should be held, unless the Election Commision is clean/berseh.
Why bother to vote, if you know that UMNO/BN is going to cheat in the coming elections.

May Allah grant us, the rakyat, victory over the evil UMNO/BN government.


Berhujah said...

Rajin2lah ke blog Tukartiub - Hishamudin Rais tuh ber-ideologi sosialis - komunis, bangun melawan UMNO anak didik British, fahaman agama kalau tak silap sufisma pluralisma... nampak sekarang Ambiga - Hindu macam Gandhi, tak payah eksklusiflah pakyeh... hehehehe...

pak yeh said...

Aku sudah baca Hisham punya Socialis ideology. Sosialist memang ekonomi kami/rakyat, tapi maseh tidak complete tanpa duit emas/duit tuhan.
Ekonomi Islam/Islamnomiks lah yang paling baik untok rakyat.
Apa daa.? Maseh tak faham ke.? Ada pluralisam dalam amal maaruf nahi mungkar.Jalan Jesus/Gandhi, pun boleh. Jalan "revolusi nabi Muhammad" pun boleh.
Ambiga.? Dia pemimpin amal maaruf nahi mungkar aka Islamik, yang Muslim ramai tak ikut kerana bodoh Islam. Heh,heh,heh.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Yeh,

What a brilliant article. Good thing you're all right. What courage to travel far to be with us at Bersih 3. Was with two lawyer friends at the Sogo area, not far from the thick of the actions. Our fellow menachis and thambys were in Brickfields, where my friends had planned to be initially.

The historical memories of such unity among all Malaysians, how some tried to assist others, to even share kacang, from the golden young, to the youths, to many professionals, OKU and the lady folks is ( it is a fact, hence as we know, it is in the present tense ) visibly moving, and will etch in our mind and hearts for a long time, wanting to do a little more difference for fellow Malaysians and our beloved nation.

If there isn't light of better things in store, some of the intelligent professional Malays will also immigrate and join fellow brilliant multiracial Malaysians in overseas where we are not longer segregated by lies, manipulation, racism and tainted by endless corruptions, plundering , future debts, profanities - to the extent of hurting religions spewed by masquerades by BN. Similar to new trick like wearing Bersih
t - shirts and moving amongst us, wolves in sheep fleece. More new tricks are in store, we need to be wiser and more united across the board.

We just want to have a Bersih government, whereby time, logistic and intelligence are not wasted, but spurred to create good things and solutions for the betterment of fellow Malaysians and the development of this nation, is that too much to ask by the rakyat for the rakyat ?

But the " keprihatinan " of the police towards the unarmed supporters, hunting them down, spraying chemical water on us, etc made us more determined to renegade for good reasons come GE 13.

This is further embolden by the viewing of video clips with such inspiring original songs on one or two videos on Bersih 3.0 by Malaysiakini. Our clear conscience is stirred up with infuriation, more intense patriotism and the mutual connection in us, too.

There is this concern our Ammahs Menachis in Pantai Dalam will be swayed by the last minute candy floss given by Raja Nong Chik.

Ha ha ha RM 900 the minimal wages for Malaysians in the private sector ? Peanuts, but for decent and hardworking human beings ? Looks like the bosses are the Indon domestic helpers ( instant citizens ), with free lodging and food ( which is the right thing to do ), and nett saving of rm 600 ( ? ) every month.

Many regular rakyat living in the cities, without credit card defaults or debts are already rich guys, honest, Pak Yeh.

Terima kasih. Take care, good wishes to you and family.

pak yeh said...

Thanks very much Anonymous.
I hope tp be with Berseh 4,5,6 and many more.
Democracy by jalan raya is the norm instead of democracy by fraudulent undi raya.!!!
Hidup Revolusi Malaysia.!!!