Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Malay(UMNO) Dilemma

The dilemma facing Malays or malaise (an English word for laziness) from the organization of laziness called United Malays National Organization (UMNO) is clear for all to see.

This organization is so lazy that all the business they do is suck money from the rakyat like Draculas and parasites sucks blood from the people.
Typical example of their laziness is the car Automobile Permit (AP) which they sold to real car dealers. Every other business they do such as privatized monopoly of government organization has the touch of parasitism or Dracularization. For laughs and truths, refer to ..

The Malays from UMNO are not really Melayu, the real name of the natives of  the country called Tanah Melayu. They are a race conjectured by British linguist out of the word" malaise", meaning lazy. Because Malayus at that time refused to work for the British, due to the fact that they were resources rich and disdain false/fraudulent paper money, they were called Malays or malaise.
Thus their very existence and actions are but a conjecture of the British.
"Words have no meaning,meaning is given to words"..that in itself is a conjecture by British linguist who like changing names, even of their God's name,ie, from Yahweh to Father Jesus,Holy Spiritah and Allah (Note:The British commisioned a Malay/Mamak named Munshi Abdullah, to translate the Bible into Malay, using Allah for the word god, and UMNO is powerless to correct this 100 year old kufurism problem). Refer,..

None are better then the British at conjecture or kufurism. Kufur or kufurism, the act of replacing truths with falsehood. This art of kufurism was continued by the British's anointed co-colonizers, the UMNO/BN government.
UMNO's existence as the government is also a conjecture or kufurism, based on lies, that say that,..
1) they are the merdeka/freedom fighters, when in actual fact they were employees or civil servants of the British.
2) they won their first elections legitimately, when in fact all opposition parties were jailed, chased out of the country or killed.

Their time as colonizers on behalf of the British is almost up after 54 years.
The rakyat can see through their devious actions. The rakyat is now more colonized than they were by the British. All government agencies had been privatized of more aptly parasitized by them. Most bussiness by UMNO cronies are  monopolies or oligopolies that suck the rakat dry.

Their dilemma now is how to win the coming elections without cheating. The rakyat is very much aware of their shenanigans and they have taken to demonstrations on the streets, calling for clean and fair elections.

UMNO know they have to change, but they cannot change because they are corrupted to the core, as described by Dr Mahathir the founder of UMNO Baru (New UMNO) formed by cheating and dirty politics (kufurism).
They must change to survive politically. Their President had said,"Change or be changed" and "Ubah atau rebah". But it is easier said then done. The economic system adopted by them who are corrupted people themselves, is a corrupt system that had corrupted themselves to the core.
Yeah, "To change or not to change. That is the question and the dilemma for UMNO. But they cannot change, and so they shall be removed or changed as the government of the day.

But whether they change or not, the rakyat does not want them any more. This is because of the scandals where RM100 billion was lost by corruption and stupidity. RM30 billion was lost by gambling Bank Negara's money on the foreign exchange. This is compounded by UMNO/BN's debt of about RM500 billion that will cause inflation and a drop in value of the ringgit, which had already dropped had its value dropped by 150%, compared to the Singapore dollar. Why would the rakyat be so idiotic as to put UMNO/BN into power again, after they had mismanaged, bankrupted and plundered the nation's wealth.???

The truth is UNMO have been "checked" by the rakyat in the chess game of politics.!!!
A boycott of the elections or Berseh 4 on election day would checkmate UMNO/BN forever.!!!
Another political chess game altogether shall be played by the rakyat with whoever wishes to exert their power.
 Democracy was already dead under UMNO. It could be dead under a caretaker government (the Sultans and the Army), but the fight for Democracy/Islam/Truth continues until it victorious.!!!
That is the our destiny.!!!
 "When truth appears,falshood disappears", that is what Allah Himself said in the Quran.

  • Quran 17:81 (Asad) And say: "The truth has now come [to light], and falsehood has withered away: for, behold, all falsehood is bound to wither away!" -   

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