Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RPK's Myopic Political Reforms Agenda.

I refer to  RPK's article @  http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/no-holds-barred/50619-the-age-of-romanticism-enlightenment-and-reason. To understand the whole debate  you have to http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/50593-we-need-political-reforms-not-just-electoral-reforms
The reason why I am debating RPK on my blog is because I cannot debate him on his blog. That is also because he is too chicken/hen (kek,kok,kek,kok) to debate with me.

1) A commentator said:
Dear RPK,
I did read through The People's Voice and The People's Declaration you attached, but nowhere in those documents does it explain what is meant by 'political reform'. So maybe you should explain the meaning of the phrase so that, you know, we'll understand what the hell you're trying to say. (A comment by ‘Petman’)
 Pak Yehs comments.
RPK is fighting for The People's Declaration which is a general statement and a repeat of our constitution already in place but corrupted by amendments. Out of  ignorance,or maybe ulterior motives (bought by UMNO/BN), RPK is even willing to jeopardise  Pakatan Rakyat and ABU just to have his way. This guy RPK is rocking the boat of reformation in Malaysia.Somebody has to stop him.

As an Engineer like Petman, I fail to see any reforms stated in  "The People's Declaration" as it is non specific. Engineers prefer to see things in detail, like the "British Standards of Engineering". You cannot demand reforms/ improved engineering without written standards. Agree.?

What is the point of stating that you want minimum pay without stating how much is the minimum pay.??? That is exactly what "The People's Declaration"  did and it serves no porpose at all.
Now what RPK should be talking about is reforms in the economic terms. For what is politics and democracy, but "the power to manage the economy for the beterment of all".
The economic system adopted by UMNO/BN is the Capitalist economic system inherited from the British Colonist. So it only manages the economy for the betterment of the colonialist and the Capitalist Class/Cronies. This is the root cause of our problems. Adressing other issues are ineffective.But adressing the economic reforms is the proper procedure in asking for reforms.

When all plantations are in the hands of the British companies and a few Indian Rubber Capitalist, Tun Abdul Razak made a reform by implementing the peoples economy in the form of FELDA. This is the type of reforms we need. Reforms such as article 153, is ineffective as it only makes the Malays a sleeping idiotic minority share holder. in a British, Chinese or Indian company.
RPK should pursue economic reforms such as Communist/Socialist economics. Instead, he talks about the culture such as Enlightenment and Romanticism. This is like talking about the symptoms of a disease rather that the disease itself. I bet RPK  have not  studied Total Quality Management and so is unaware about" root cause analysis" before a problem can successfully be solved .
RPK's vision in politics and reformation is blurred.! Put on a new pair of glasses RPK.! Or better still learn from the Enlightenment Culture as per Quran 39:18 " Listen to all views. Choose the best. These are the guided and the intelligent." The trouble with you is that yuo only listen to yourself. You dont even want to listen to Allah on Quran 39:18. That explains your actions in deleting of  comments at Malaysia Today.

 The prophet Mohammad was the greatest example of an economic and cultural Reformer and a Revolutioneer. The way of Mohammad was to imbed logical thinking by destroying trinity dogmas and mythology, especially in the Christian religion. This later gave birth to the Muslim Philosophical revolution that later influenced the Western Science and Enlightenment. 
You dont need to ape the Western enlightenment RPK. They are Atheistic in nature. I  suppose you want to legalize LGBTs too.??? Please read my advice to you an the likes of you @ 

Mao Tze Tung is another economic Reformer and Revolutioneer. We are told that Mao and the Communist are evil when in fact they are the good guys "The enemy of your enemy is your friend". Almost all countries that had an "Economic Revolution" implementing Socialist/Communist economics became  Super Powers States such as America,France,Russia,China and Britain too. 
So, should we not have economic reforms or revolution like those Super Powers States had done before???. 
Should you not rewrite your Peoples Declaration to include specifics/details about the economic policy, whether Communist, Socialist or Islamnomics ( http://warongpakyeh.blogspot.com/2009/04/kafirnomics-vs-islamnomics.html ) ???

2) Let us  refer to the posting below to asses  RPK's logic or illogic.. 

written by Super Admin, July 16, 2012 01:36:00

‘Noble House’ said, “We can't be talking about any political or electoral reforms without first having a clean electoral roll in place.”

RPK said :
I think ‘Noble House’ has got it back-to-front. We do need to first talk about political reforms. Unless we talk about political reforms we will never see, as ‘Noble House’ said, ‘a clean electoral roll in place’.
The criteria for being able to see ‘a clean electoral roll in place’ is to first achieve political reforms. Without political reforms you will never see electoral reforms, and hence, ‘a clean electoral roll in place’.
So you see, ‘Noble House’, when there are political reforms there will be electoral reforms and when there are electoral reforms we will see ‘a clean electoral roll in place’. One follows the other. And the last cannot be achieved without the first.

Pak Yeh's comments.:
RPK uses the "chicken and egg" debate which is typical only to the chicken problem.but this is a mankind democracy problem, and hence needs a mankind solution to it.
The first political reform needed is the electoral reforms. Period.! Even economic reforms as I have stated above can wait.  That is if elections fraud is the rootcause of the failed democracy. That too, if you are able to reform it. If you are not able to do it,then you need to have a revolution. Elections is just a tool or system of democracy. You can even replace it with, the "bayat sistem of the sufis", an independent survey, or online voting system. 
Waiting for everybody in Pakatan Rakyat and including UMNO to reform first before elections can be reformed is like doing nothing, and  is pure ignorance and madness. It is like saying everyone has to be a Christian or Muslim first before we can reform. What bunkum bulshit.!
Looks like RPK has gone off his rocker this time.!

Lets asses RPK's logic or illogic again, in the debate below.
3)  written by gen, July 16, 2012 21:36:03

People trying to learn from the Europeans’ 'political reforms' should also learn from the other aspects of the same history. One of which is those reforms took hundreds of years to materialise.

When it comes to picking alternative rulers, people may have to make the unsavoury decision of picking the lesser of 2 evils but understand that it is still a much better way forward than retaining a set of greater thieves as tuans simply because both alternatives have thief-like tendencies.

For if we adopt the 'always pick the lesser of 2 evils' approach and repeat it often enough we will end up with a much better set of leaders over time. We may not achieve nirvana for ourselves but we can at least plant the seeds for the people that come after us. That has been the history of progress and work of good men throughout human history.

RPK's reply :
written by Super Admin, July 16, 2012 22:18:51
gen, people who say that the alternative is to choose the lesser of the two evils are intellectually lazy people and people bankrupt of ideas. These types of people want to look at only two choices rather than ponder and explore the other possible alternatives. Do you want to go to heaven or do you want to go to hell? Two choices. If you want to go to heaven then listen to me. If you don't listen to me then you will go to hell. See how simple it is when you only have to worry about two choices? You are confronted with two bad choices. So you choose what you imagine as the lesser of the two bad choices. It is the lazy way out of the situation and the choice of people who do not have the ability to think. It is the idiot's guide to getting through life.

Pak Yehs comment.
gen had given a logical method of making goog choice by choosing the lesser of evil each election time untill we can get a perfect party or leader. Yet RPK rubishes it. Like I said before RPK only listens to himself.
So this what happens to Malaysia Today commentators..

 written by Saint, July 16, 2012 23:47:38

Dear RPK, let us assume we are all idiots, so why not you behave like the smart know all UMNOBN and tell us whom to vote in the next elections. Maybe we just might do that out of our assumed stupidity.
Keh,keh,keh. The cat is out of the box. You have shown your true  UMNO colours.
Salam Encik RPK. "Sayang anak/brother pukul2kan". heh,heh,heh.


Anonymous said...

Aiyah RPK ini jangan layan lah.Waste of time reading his blog.
Always attacking PKR especially Anwar

pak yeh said...

Dear anonymouse.
If there is good reason to attack a leader, we must do it. I too think Anwar is not a good PM material. Anwar was our worst Finance Minister, because he wae responsible for the ringgit crash in 1998.He listened to Sorros advice that led to our financial ruin.

We must not be too emotional about RPK. He has done a lot for us inspite of his perceived u turn and walking crooked. Let us pray to Allah that he will return to the straight path.If he talks rubbish, we wack him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Yeh,

i was about to suggest, you move on beyond RPK ... and you encouraged to pray for him ... hope he realizes you remember him in such kindness... yes pray, but move on. i've never commented on him, don't intend to.

discovered dr azly rahman by chance during dinner this evening ( you know him, Pak Yeh ? ), he's so brilliant, read many of his poems, he is so pleasant, real conscious and sensitiveness about many important matters... now thinking i'm not that smart, haha.

Any Malay - intelligent, truly rational, fair- minded, free from racism, prejudice, this that will thrive better elsewhere, honestly.

i honestly think his poem entitled " sickened i am " will encourage you as he shares our revolting disgust ! Wish i could upload it here, but need to get his permission in regards to anyone, including your good self - heart, mind and solitude spent producing IP.

Salam Pak.

AZLY RAHMAN: sickened i am

so you are an engineer, whoa, terror !

pak yeh said...

Dear Anonymouse,
I have visited Azly Rahmans blog. Good but not good enough. My favorite Malaysian blogs are 1) Malaysia Today, inspite of what it has become, 2)TukarTiub and 3)Penarikbeca because of their penubuk and lately Sakmongkol AK47.
If you realy want to learn from really intellegent people go to 1)The Unification Church,/Sun Myung Moon. 2) Syiekh Abdul Qadir as Sufi.
Whether its good or bad for you and the world I leave it to you to judge.
I anticipate your reaction on this 2 really inteligent persons.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Yeh,
Selamat Berpuasa bersama keluarga tersayang.

Just finished rereading Dr. Azly's profound poems, many which i could relate to. I will always think he is really brilliant and utmost sincere in sharing his intellectual thoughts.

Thank you so much for sharing your favorite blogs. Tukar Tiub's webpage is real penumbuk, a little nervous to read. Sakmongkol AK47 is an economist, an articulate writer as well. I more than often read his articles and his guests' contributions. Some write really brilliantly. Very good reading and learning each time. Glad to know his blog is one of your favorites.

Read Edward Said and Jimmy Carter's, etc laced with Tuesdays with Morrie, etc. They are brilliant and utmost sincere, to me that's sufficient. Getting into the deepest, endless intricacies of the human mind, emotions, some which are too private, smoky with perplexities, i will stay clear as i can't afford to lose God.Some make HIM complicated, too complicated to know, in actual fact, it is real simple, close and personal and real.

In deep solitude, reflections upon reflections, unlearning a few mistakes, then refreshing innovations of healing, hope, discoveries, love for the betterment of humanity, for every community in our beloved nation, in every field emerge, will birth gently, some come gushing like hurricanes, and then subside to a gentle breeze. Dah macam bersajak.

Terima kasih.. Pak Yeh.

Warm regards.

pak yeh said...

Dear anonymouse.
I like the links @ Azly Rahmans blog..especially on religion. Krisna Murty is unique. when he talks about intuition...but he was not the Avata/Mesiah the Blavatsky organization tried to creat.
Azlys works itself does not interest me as he is too academic an American jimgoism.

You have not given you comments on neo prophet/the Jesus 3nd Coming Messiah Mr Sun Myung Moon of Unification Church.? And no comment on Sheikh Abd Qadir as Sufi,?
These are alternative politics and modern pseudo prophets.The non religious alternative politics is Karl Marx, the most outstanding and Intelligent godless leader besides Confucious and Lao Tzu in the past
Well perhaps you need to do more reseach on them.

pak yeh said...

Dear Anonymouse,
About Sakmongkol AK47, did you know that he supported Mahathirism/Capitalism and no minimum pay by posting Milton Friedmans talk via Youtube on his blog. I thought of telling him off and refuting him on my blog.
Anyway his economics had u turned lately, when he talked about "Evolution Economics", which is Pak Yehism...refer.. http://warongpakyeh.blogspot.com/2010/03/revolusi-cara-evolusi-aku-jadi-kami.html
Thank Allah for the change of heart.A PR man with Mahatirism intact is but a trojan horse.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Yeh,

please don’t, a few people can change for the better, just read sak's articles. Let’s focus on the course , more united than ever for the rakyat, beginning with your sincere blog, to all political, activists, private blogs and forums across the board in this nation, including Malaysians abroad's blogs, the dissidents imprisoned under ISA/ EO - all hunger and thirst for a change of government that is truly democratic, just, fair, accountable.

There is already a flame in the tunnel, outside the tunnel as a new dawn is in the horizon. Any rhetoric is for the new leaders and the rakyat, including myself to learn from the stupidity of our choice and fear in the past, to unlearn mistakes, to make better choices and move on together TO VOTE ABU as a nation TO SAVE Malaysia, to ensure there is a future for us and our future generations.

That’s the present matter we need to focus with intense tenacity, unity,( for many that new aspiration will be lifted up with prayers and fasting).

As I ponder in 3D switching to and fro from the leadership of PSM,DAP,PK,ABU,
there is an agreement to things that are uncompromised, so that’s good.

There will be discrepancies, it is the degree of it, such as capitalism ( there is a huge spectrum – let’s discuss its infiltration - already there, but with solutions another time ) to impoverish and enslave the majority of the rakyat and the marginalised citizens, we, the said Malaysians above who love our nation and a fresher and stronger collective voice will know how to BLAST any crooks out of their office swiftly ! No more like in the past.

I had researched mr. moon’s beliefs during my university days abroad .... Any submission to a leader is highly risky, they can be little gods / cults, be he maha or whoever to smokescreen GOD ALMIGHTY and lead people astray from HIM. Only GOD never creates confusion, distortions, but reveals holiness, mercy, compassion, true economics rights, human rights, peace and every goodness to us.

I read Edward Said & Jimmy Carter’s cries for Palestinians. They are true to humanity plus a long list of time-tested political leaders, human rights’ leaders, lawyers, writers, engineers , educators, medical doctors and economists without border , the NGOs and any citizen is not insignificant, everyone whose conscience is sensitive and clear to humanity is precious - forming a massive voice that is so powerful crying out for Positive Changes Fast !

I will read up Sheikh Abd Qadir as Sufi and compare him to the many books of utmost sincere leaders in serving humanity and improving lives and the ecosystem to sustain procreation. Will then share with you, Pak.

Breaking fast with keluarga tersayang, they're only a skype away ? :)

Warm regards,