Saturday, August 11, 2012


We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the class room
Teachers leave those kids alone
Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone!

Klick on the song by Pink Floyd below.

Ya man. Education is thought control by the government that makes you think like a kafir by accepting what is "kufur" (falsehood) such as Capitalism / Kafirnomics /a usury economy which God prohibited,  and Christianity, a religion based on kufur (falsehood).
These are the twin horns of strategy devised by "The Chief Deceiver" the name by which Allah called Satan in Quran35:5 "O men! certainly the promise of Allah is true, Let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the Chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah."

Western education makes you do what they want you to do,but not what Allah want you to do. God forbade usury or riba, but the government wants you to support and belief in a way of life or a deen that chain you down with usury/riba in every move you make.

As for Christianity, how do you explain your Banks and the Vatican Bank that upheld the usury/riba Banking system, when both your God Yahweh and Jesus prohibited usury/riba.??? Is your Pope or Priest a higher god than Yahweh and Jesus.??? Pray explain this, oh Christians. Its because of the kafiroeducation, is it not.???

As for the Muslims, they to have to explain how Islamic countries uphold the usury paper money and Banking system, or else be called "Mother Fuckers" by the hadis of the prophet Mohamad who said, "Whoever practices riba/usury is like having sex with his own mother."
Its because of the kafiroeducation system, is it not.???

Click on the video blow and listen to the truth in John Lenons song. Working Class Hero, The objective of education is to turn us into working class heroes, a nice name for slaves.!!! Though the government says slavery is prohibited,yet you find people who has less food than the slaves of the past. The purpose of education is to be a wopking class hero aka slaves and never a bussinessman, a farmaer or a craftsman, but to be a paper momey slaves.!!! The industrialised 1st World is not teaching the poor 3rd World to invent things, but to consume things.!!! The British stole textiles technology from Indians,then banned then from producing their own textile, just so that they can profit from a monopoly in textile industry. Truth is substituted by falsehood just so that somebody ie the government and its crony Corporations can maximise profit. This happen even in religion. The University make a lot of money training Cristian and Muslim clerics,who althogh their god prohibited usury, supports the usury Banking and economics. The substuting of truth by falsehood is kufurism, and those who cannot see or differentiate truth from falsehood are called kafir. Hence the term kafiroeducation.



Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Yeh,

1. The rakyat must fight to maintain that quality education is to be provided FREE for all Malaysian children in our government schools from deep in the interior jungles, to the kampong, the pinggir bandar and the cities. To realize this, it is imperative that our government and the ministry of education are staffed with progressive, competent staff who are only and truly committed to education. They must be free from self - interest, political interference or parties with interest in making profits from our education system from the primary schools right through the secondary schools.

2. Free quality education is mandatory for the poor as it is for the intervention and transformation to break them free from the shackles of helplessness and injustice which leads to the vicious cycle of poverty and social ills. With good education as their fundamental rights, they will learn skills, progressive knowledge and discipline which create positive effects on them in becoming successful students. Obviously, they will become good employees as well as positive contributors to our communities : our youth and ageing communities, contributing to the progress of the nation.

Free quality education must be guaranteed and made accessible to all students regardless of creed and cultures. Free meals, uniform and book loans must be continued to ensure students from the marginalized groups, children of NGO workers and all middle income earners. Children from humble background should be discovered, nurtured to be responsible citizens on the same footing as all children : studying hard, building friendships and doing sports to their best capability together.

Anonymous said...

3. The education curriculum must be updated with progressive knowledge, strong basic skills in math, science, languages, etc, music, religion / moral studies with hands on learning and application in volunteering service in schools and communities. It is critical to emphasis on progressive knowledge, skills, EQ, thinking skills, the right attitudes and high sense of responsibility.

The curriculum should emphasis on strong basic skills in primary schools. And employable skills, critical thinking skills, time management, study skills, plagiarizing as an offence, fun sports ( skills, fun and sportsmanship are emphasized ), uniformed societies should emphasize skills and leadership training to serve ( can be measured by spectators during sports day, etc ) in secondary schools gearing students to enter colleges, universities or the job market.

However,there must be a different and new approach of dealing with the rempit mentality ( I say this honestly alongside mindful others, to challenge rempit to seek help, to seek new changes, to find hope, but to be truthful, out of angst as well, but never out of despise or being indifferent and die as a coward ).

Pak Yeh you are articulate in written English, that should set a lot of readers thinking. My good friend is like us, but having failed BM thrice entahlah ), but often getting As in Eng Lit, etc...had to study in Britain, nasib baik bapanya ada duit sikit,
now thriving there.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect, we, as adults now, could easily recall that during our schooling years, some students were disruptive, too bored in class, as they had less interest in academic studies. That does not mean they are no brainers, it is just that they relate better to hands on learning, most certainly today, they would prefer to study computer repair or IT.

Students must be taught new subjects and skills to be employable as the job market is shrinking fast, thousands doing the same jobs ? In the US, too many people doing the same jobs,idiotic machine take over thousands of manual jobs. So the escalating unemployment ?Not happening here ? Being indifferent to the issues ? Not getting inflamed over restaurants resorting to using e- gadgets to take orders. Takkanlah no poor rakyat to employ ? Such outlets are cool bodoh. Never impressed to patronize them anyway.

Technical school programs should be interdisciplinary so that students have more options to earning better wages. In the US, students with at least college education will have better earning power which will enable them to better take care of themselves or to raise their families.

In our context, like Pak Yeh wisely and strongly suggested, our education system must not focus on solely making money, enslaved by capitalism mentality. What 100 things money can buy and must be protected at all cost ? Before everything carries a price tag. Paying to be free from jail sentence because he has the potential to be a sports star ?

Think about the westerners with their insurmountable despairs and failures. They must not blame GOD. Many of them are blaming everything, everyone else except listening to strong worded advice, taking responsibility and making things better, which a few millions are , hopefully. Are we, or are we not in the same category? Or are we really desperate for new changes ?

Anonymous said...

Our new system education must create responsible and productive citizens, ( not arrogant obnoxious professionals there are some ) but willing to give and share ideas, work together for the betterment of communities, pay taxes, give to charities as strength and gratitude. Never to monopolize any enterprise, that deprive others of having jobs to have earn decent wages, three daily nutritious meals, safe shelters and to support their families like wanting to have for ourselves.

Many common rakyat and the poor rakyat give to charities. Was humbled by an Ah Soh dropping a RM 10 note into the donation pail for the Tsumani victims set up in a pasar malam and she was holding only a few bunches of vegetables. Thought my RM 2 donation was real hebat. Saya terasa action saja lebih. Terasa nak huhuhu after I had witnessed the poor woman's generosity. They are mindful people who decisively make attempts to drive out far away to support pasar malam traders - beli satay, rojak buah, buah- buahan.

Certainly a progressive kind of education to create critical thinking citizens – not tolerating grafts, injustice, mismanagement, etc ; being highly responsible to make our communities and the nation a better place, to be responsible business people, intelligent, humble professionals – engineers, town planners , housing developers creating sustainable homes and schools, wider roads,etc. More future caring doctors will ensure free and empathetic healthcare; many more lawyers with clear conscience, relating well to the common rakyat, less of those John Grisham high flyer type born with gold credit cards and “ toy ”cars at their disposal, two three maids to pick up after them ( pening kepala kaum lelaki, high maintenance; or jenis looking lembik cute tak tahu sepak perompak ); accountable politicians and community leaders; educators, a long list including equally important as citizens to be future parents.

Certainly not impressed to hear grouses from others that university students of ours, both male and female like to scream and laugh through the nights, listening to loud music when they live out ! And here we are all fighting for them unrelentingly. Oh GOD help them to realize ! help us to tell them off if they happen to be neighbors, for their own good in a competitive world !

And in a few years time, more successful citizens and corporates will give donations or volunteer their skills, time and energy,it will be done willingly, as a way of our new lifestyle; and corporates as their long term tangible social responsibilities, in making profits from us. Not impossible to think hard, plan and make sure to vote the right leaders in the GE 13.

Terima Kasih Pak Yeh.

pak yeh said...

Salam Anonymouse.
I think you are still thinking witin the Kafiro-education system.
Try thinking of an organic education not based on cash/paper money system.
Remember, in the past there were no school, yet the people can built their own house, plant their own food etc,etc. The community ware self sufficient/independent/merdeka.
The system of education then was not schools but apprenticeship.
People then were multiskilled,clever in everything. while we now are uni-skilled,clever in one thing but stupid in everything else.

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh,

Salam, you have raised an astute point : Try thinking of an organic education not based on cash/paper money system. Remember, in the past there were no schools, yet the people can built their own house, plant their own food etc,etc. The community were self sufficient/independent/merdeka.
The system of education then was not schools but apprenticeship. People then were multi-skilled,clever in everything.

i agree with you, in many ways, students will be learning hands on - more of an education which centers on self - sufficiency, sustaining the natural resources and the environment as well.Very interesting and feasible. It has been practiced very successfully in some communities. Wonder where ? Hence, there will be communities keen in your profound idea of life education. The interior of Sabah, Sarawak, and villages, the urban poor in Semanjung.

But but how does it appeal to the majority ? i see the viability in implementing your strong recommendation of organic education in terms of very cost effective as well.

Have you thought about getting several young educated youth and the mindful elders to execute your excellent ideas ? And visualize that it can create many jobs and produce organic goods to sell to the urbanites whereby the community can earn some money to buy themselves PCs, books, resources and some basic tools to do farming, carpentry, fishing, sewing, motor repair and so forth. As I type, there is a vision of very interesting ideas which you must have thought about too.

Perhaps, there should be a consideration for a diversified educational system in the nation.

Mohon maaf Pak Yeh, kalau saya terlanjur kata. Dengan ikhlasnya, saya mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri pada Pak Yeh serta keluarga, termasuklah semua pembaca yang menyambut Hari Raya. Sekian, terima kasih.

pak yeh said...

Dear Anonymouse,
Actually it is not my idea. It is just learning from history and comparing the then and the now.I am just fortunate to be able to distinguish the good from the bad by Allahs grace.

What kafiro-education does is destroy the community, and instill individualism and greed.

Read more mt article on Organic Revolution :Aku jadi Kami @

Ideas get transformed into reality with time. Re-education via internet and speading the idea is what makes things done. But we can started by having our own organic self sufficient/"merdeka garden".

May Allah grant us success in changing the world for the better.

Maaf zahir dan batin and selamat hari raya to you too.

Anonymous said...

Mata duitan taukey Cina presiden REDHA kata untuk pembinaan setiap unit perumahan kos rendah yang berharga RM42K, developer terpaksa menanggung kerugian kerugian RM15 ribu hingga RM 50 ribu. Nak raykat merempat di tepi jalan ? !!

Jadi mereka bercadang untuk membina “ affordable units “ yang berharga sehingga RM350 ribu. Afforable ? BS ! Katanya lagi, “ instead of having to refurbishing existing units. ” Jenis mereka ini semacam lintah darah multi-millionaires !! Yang seorang lagi cadangkan kerajaan “ reintroduce “ real property government tax to curb speculation “The StarBizWeek, 18/7 pg 22.

The gross social injustice done to the majority of the rakyat is they build mega expensive condos and homes in KL and Selangor and sell to the foreigners and a certain segment of the wealthy Malaysians. With easy huge bank loans for the wealthy and those with political connections. Kick OUT the blood sucking greedy developers ( proxies of BN ) ! The poor and middle range of the middle income earners getting poorer by the months. The wealthy getting wealthier ! Soon no more land in the cities, they invade the kg land and pay peanuts to own them for development and become billionaires.

UBAH Kerajaan ! Enough of GARBAGE.

pak yeh said...

Baguslah anonymouse. Ada kesedaran. Rumah bila di expot kapada foreigners, akan menjadi mahal. In an extreme Capitalis country, all development is for the rich. There is nothing for the poor. No land, no house, no food, unless they buat setengan/squarters.